Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Turkey's Erdogan, Putin meet as Syria cease-fire enters its final hours Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is holding last-minute talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Tuesday as the clock is winding down on a cease-fire deal between Turkish and Kurdish forces.

Erdogan warns Syria offensive will resume unless Kurds complete pullout Turkish leader continues threats ahead of meeting with Putin; dismisses French request for ceasefire extension, claiming Paris talking to 'terrorists' but not to him.

The Real Cost of Turkey's Kurdish Obsession The end of First World War left the Kurds in an even worse situation than before.

Turkey's Syria Policy Could Lead to Its Own Destruction Turkish nationalists and supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may cheer Turkey's incursion into Syria and efforts to end Kurdish self-governance across Turkey's southern border.

Netanyahu Lost, But Gantz Didn't win yet - Analysis Gantz has a serious political knot to untangle, and his chances seem as bad if not worse than Netanyahu's.

Israeli soldier lightly wounded in overnight clashes with stone-lobbing settlers No arrests reported in overnight clashes as IDF says will work with Shib Bet and police to find attackers.

As Halloween Approaches, Thousands Of Witches Will Cast A "Binding Spell" On Donald Trump On October 25th I know that the headline will sound very strange to a lot of my readers, but this is actually happening. On October 25th at 11:59 PM, thousands of witches will simultaneously conduct a ritual which is meant to "bind" Donald Trump.

Vladimir Putin is resetting Russia's Africa agenda to counter the US and China The first-ever Russia-Africa summit will be held from Oct. 23-24 in Sochi, Russia, marking the culminating point of the return of Russia to Africa, with more than 50 African leaders and 3,000 delegates invited.

Why Hamas Supports Erdogan's War If, according to Hamas, Turkey has the right to protect its border, why does Israel not have the same right?

Newly discovered virus disturbs scientists who have no idea how it infects hosts Researchers have described the virus as 'defying evolution'.