Saturday, April 12, 2014


* Security and Defense: Delivering the most aggressive blow The 'Post' joins an F-16C squadron at Ramat David Air Base for a peek into the life of its fighter pilots.

* U.S. calls on Muslim allies Turkey and Morocco to train Libya's 'weak' military U.S. officials said the Obama administration has reached out to Muslim allies.

* Top economies monitoring Ukraine for effects on global growth Ukraine is a major focus for leading finance ministers and central bankers.

* Watching Iran? Ofek 10 Spy Satellite Enters Orbit Israel launched the spy satellite 'Ofek 10' into space on Wednesday evening.

* Ukraine gunmen seize buildings in Sloviansk Further seizures of official buildings have been reported in east Ukraine.

* Egypt's Tahrir Square dream fades as Sisi builds power For now, Sisi enjoys the adulation of the majority of Egyptians.

* Iran anger over US visa refusal for UN envoy Hamid Aboutalebi Iran has insisted it will not replace its new envoy to the UN in New York.

* 'No chance' of solving talks impasse in coming weeks, Israeli officials say There is "no chance" to reach an agreement that would end the impasse in peace talks in the coming weeks.

* 'Israel is a Paradise for Christians' In an interview with Italian media, Israeli Christians from Nazareth once again debunked assertions that Israel is an apartheid state.

* Pope Francis makes historic plea over child sex abuse Pope Francis has delivered one of his strongest pleas yet over child sex abuse.