Thursday, December 12, 2019


Lebanese officials protest Iranian threat to attack Israel from Lebanon "If the Zionist regime makes the smallest mistake toward Iran, we will reduce Tel Aviv to ashes from Lebanon," said IRGC commander Morteza Qorbani.

Why Israel's third elections might not be such a disaster, after all Between them, our electorate, our system and our politicians have combined to force us to a third vote inside a year. Maybe this time, we'll manage a decisive collective decision.

Brexit, antisemitism, and Jews - the UK's most fateful election since WWII The electoral contest pitches the Brexit-touting Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson against the what is now the hard-left, socialist Labour Party headed by Jeremy Corbyn.

Jersey City Shooters were 'Black Israelites': A Replacement Theology Cult The three civilians killed inside the grocery store in Jersey City were identified as 33-year-old Leah Mindel Ferencz of Jersey City, a Chassidic woman who owned the store with her husband, Moshe David; Moshe Hersch Deutsch, 24, of the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y; and Miguel Douglas, 49, an employee at the store.

Unprecedented third election in a year leaves Israeli public cold Most ordinary Israelis reacted with nonchalance to the Knesset's dissolution and news of another election on March 2, after the bill was enacted by their failed politicians on Wednesday night, Dec. 11 - in contrast to excited media reporters and pundits.

What Purpose Does NATO Serve? While the political class obsessed over act two of the House impeachment hearings while normal people ignored them, NATO met in London for an international photo-op and a celebration of the treaty's 70th anniversary.

Is NATO Still Vital? Many additional countries who joined the alliance -- such as Poland, Hungary and the Baltic States, which had been Soviet satellites -- still consider post-Communist Russia an extremely disquieting potential threat. That is just one issue that has created friction among NATO nations.

What a Corbyn government could mean for the Middle East Dramatic shifts are on the horizon for British policy on Israel-Palestine and Saudi Arabia, should Corbyn win power this week.

Egypt firms up truce positions between Israel, Gaza factions Seeking to unify Gaza Strip factions on their truce with Israel, Egypt hosted leaders of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad earlier this month in Cairo.

Can Astronomy Explain the Biblical Star of Bethlehem? What was the celestial body the three wise men followed 2,000 years ago?