Tuesday, December 31, 2013


New year celebrations welcome 2014 Celebrations around the world are under way to mark the start of 2014.

The World in 2014: America's retreat has not brought peace on earth It's that time to consult the snow globe and try to peer ahead at some of the key stories, crises and opportunities which await the world as we prepare for a new year.

Putin Orders Saudi Arabia "Destroyed" After Volgograd Terror Strikes A grim memorandum circulating in the Kremlin today written by Federal Security Services (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov outlining the new security measures being put into place throughout Russia ordered by President Putin a few hours ago in response to the deadly Volgograd terror attacks further warns that Russia's leader has, in effect, vowed to "destroy" Saudi Arabia as he personally is blaming them for this horrific crime against humanity.

Egypt Calls on Arab Countries to Blacklist the Brotherhood Egypt, which has blacklisted the Muslim Brotherhood, urges other members of the Arab League to follow suit.

Wiesenthal releases 'Top Ten 2013 anti-Semitic, anti-Israel slurs' list Iran and Turkey's leaders take top spots, American Jewish anti-Semites also make the list.

New Year's Eve: Should Jews party like the rest of the world? Israel is ironically among the few countries that name the occasion after known anti-Semite, Pope Sylvester.

Most Israelis own Bibles ~ but never open them, says study The Smith Research poll of 500 Israelis also revealed that a tenth of religious and ultra-Orthodox respondents have not opened a Bible in the past year.

PM says peace deal must take into account Israel's 'settlement interests' Netanyahu blasts PA for receiving freed terrorists as "heroes;" Kerry to meet PM, Abbas to work on "guidelines for permanent status."

Settler leaders: Washington understands the Jordan Valley must remain in Israeli hands Area's Regional Council head tells 'The Jerusalem Post' "the Americans cannot say this, because it would destroy the negotiations."

Abbas Says Jordan Valley Annexation 'A Red Line' PA Chairman attacks Sunday ministerial vote on bill to annex region, calls annexation 'red line which can not be crossed.'