Friday, February 10, 2012


* Anonymous threatens cyber crusade against Israel International hacker group Anonymous released a video on YouTube overnight Thursday threatening to launch a crusade against the Israeli government, who it accused of committing "crimes against humanity."

* Egyptians rally against military rulers outside ministry Thousands rallied outside Egypt's defence ministry on Friday demanding the military rulers' ouster on the eve of a planned civil disobedience .

* Turkey FM: Israeli military strike on Iran would be a disaster Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Friday that an Israeli strike on Iran would be disastrous and should not be an option.

* Lieberman: Abbas poses obstacle to peace Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman met with 15 UN ambassadors from across the world in New York on Thursday.

* Turks torpedo Israel Navy participation in NATO op Turkey has torpedoed an Israeli plan to contribute an Israel Navy missile ship to a NATO mission in the Mediterranean Sea.

* 44% of Americans support strike against Iran Americans are more likely than Europeans or Middle Easterners to support a strike against Iran.

* Russia accuses West of arming Syrian rebels Without specifying which nations he is accusing, Moscow's deputy FM says Western countries are arming and advising rebels.

* The Pope will die within a year: Vatican 'assassination fears' revealed The Pope will die within the next 12 months, a senior Vatican figure has reportedly claimed amid fears of an assassination plot.

* Somalia's Al Shaba'ab Officially Joins Al Qaeda Somalia's Shaba'ab has officially joined the international Al Qaeda terrorist organization.

* Tensions flare in Athens ahead of austerity vote Anti-austerity protesters threw rocks and petrol bombs at police on Friday (10 february) in Syntagma Square outside parliament.