Monday, May 20, 2019


Palestinians reject US economic peace summit in Bahrain, say they won't attend Senior officials say Palestinians were not consulted about 'workshop' in Manama; bid will fail without political solution.

Iran claims to have quadrupled uranium enrichment Iranian official says country enriching uranium at a greatly accelerated rate, no longer accepts any restrictions on enrichment.

Burkina Faso: The New Land of Islamic Jihad and Christian Slaughter "The assailants asked the Christians to convert to Islam, but the pastor and the others refused"

ANALYSIS: Turkey's Dark Past and Present Exposed At the end of April during the annual commemoration of the Turkish destruction of the Armenian Christian community Israeli lawmakers again called for official recognition of the genocide by three successive Turkish governments at the beginning of the last century.

Iranian Commander: We are ready to confront the enemy He claimed that the country's northwestern region was prepared for any attacks.

Rocket attack near US Baghdad embassy had Iran's signature. Trump spurns Saudi bid for US strike on Yemeni Houthis Both sides said they don't seek war, yet US-Iranian war tensions were notched up again on Sunday, May 19, by a single rocket that missed the US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone.

Watch: Ethiopian Jews making Aliyah welcomed at Ben Gurion Rev Anthony Abma: 'An amazing act of redemption,' but one which will only be complete with 'complete Jewish sovereignty over all of Israel.'

Trump: If Iran wants to fight, that will be the end of them US President warns Iran not to threaten his country again.

Why did Israel snub new Jewish president of Ukraine? Not one senior Israeli official was present when Volodymyr Zelenskiy was sworn in on Monday morning in Kiev; Ukrainian Israelis worry snubbing the new regime could harm bilateral relations in the future.

Is Russia trying to sway the European elections? EU officials say Russia is using disinformation to influence the outcome of this week's European Parliament elections.