Thursday, August 08, 2013


* Jews protest visitation restrictions at Temple Mount during Ramadan Dozens of demonstrators peacefully gathered at the locked Mugrabi Gate leading to the Temple Mount early Wednesday to protest.

* Feiglin: I Won't Let Up on Temple Mount Dozens were in attendance on Tuesday evening for American for a Safe Israel's (AFSI) annual memorial tribute to Ze'ev Jabotinsky, which was held in New York.

* Saudi offers Russia deal to scale back Assad support Saudi Arabia has offered Russia economic incentives including a major arms deal.

* PA Film Shows Arabs Beating Jewish 'Settlers' The Palestinian Authority's official television is continuing its campaign of incitement against Israelis, even as American efforts to achieve peace are ongoing.

* Major German daily publishes anti-Israeli cartoon A major German newspaper on Wednesday published an anti-Israeli caricature likening Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to an evil character from an anti-Nazi song.

* EU Parliamentarian Calls for 'Intifada' An Irish politician has caused outrage by urging Arabs to "rise up" against Israel in another "Intifada."

* Activists Demonstrate Against Temple Mount Discrimination In wake of Tuesday's decision by police officials in charge of the Temple Mount to ban non-Muslims entrance to the holy site, some two hundred protesters stood Wednesday morning at the foot of the Mugrabi entrance.

* Egypt crisis: US-EU call to end 'dangerous stalemate' The US and the European Union have called on all sides in Egypt's political crisis to end "a dangerous stalemate".

* Egypt a Battleground for Hamas, Fatah Feuding Egypt has emerged as a battlefield between the Hamas and Fatah terror groups in their ongoing struggle for control of the Palestinian Authority.

* Iran launch site 'likely for testing ballistic missiles' Iran has built a new rocket launch site which is likely to be used for testing ballistic missiles.