Tuesday, November 06, 2012


* US election: Tight race for Obama and Romney Tens of millions of Americans are voting to decide whether to re-elect Democratic President Barack Obama or hand the job to Republican Mitt Romney.

* Romney and Obama - Both Say They Will Win Both President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney say they will win the presidential election Tuesday, but the winner may not be known for days, or weeks, if the initial results are near a tie.

* PM: In my tenure Iran won't develop nuclear bomb Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has pledged that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons if he is reelected on January 22.

* Netanyahu: I Will Attack Iran Alone if Necessary Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised on Monday that by the time his next term as Prime Minister is over, Iran will not have a nuclear weapons program.

* IDF Jeep Hit by Syrian Gunfire on Golan Heights An Israeli military jeep was hit Monday by Syrian gunfire on the Golan Heights.

* Russian Sub Skirts Coast A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine cruised within 200 miles of the East Coast recently in the latest sign Russia is continuing to flex its naval and aerial power against the United States.

* Secret war against Iran heating up From a suspected Israeli airstrike in Sudan to cyber warfare in the Gulf and a drone shot down over Israel, the largely hidden war between Iran and its foes seems to be heating up and spreading.

* Hamas 'Planning Suicide Attacks from Judea and Samaria' According to websites associated with the Fatah movement, Hamas is planning to carry out suicide attacks against Israel from Judea and Samaria.

* US Drops Terror Sanctions Against Hamas-Linked American Citizen The U.S. Treasury Department on Monday dropped its sanctions against the only resident American citizen believed to be labeled a "specially designated terrorist".

* Sources: Israel Plans to Stop Annual PA 'Statehood Circus' As the PA is apparently gearing up to once again demand that the United Nations recognize its bid for statehood, Israel is again preparing to marshal its resources to prevent that recognition from taking place.