Saturday, January 06, 2018


* "In 2017, Jews Won War for Temple Mount" - Activist In the past year, an unprecedented number of Jews ascended to their holiest site, laying claim in a manner that some Temple Mount Activists consider even more significant than the IDF victory in 1967 that unified Jerusalem. 

Egyptian media instructed to promote acceptance of Jerusalem recognition Though Cairo publicly critical of Trump for recognizing Israel's capital, recordings obtained by NY Times show leaders pushed for conciliatory messaging by TV hosts. 

Revolution In Iran Trump is no Obama and has voiced open support for the pro-freedom movement. 

Our World: Trump Kicks America's Palestinian Habit The US is UNRWA's largest funder. In 2016, it transferred more than $368m. to UNRWA. 

Act 2 of Trump clampdown on Iran: Re-imposing sanctions lifted under nuclear accord  On the heels of the first protests to hit the Iranian regime, Washington will turn the screw by negating financial benefits afforded by the nuclear deal.  

Is Turkey Setting Up A Naval Base On The Red Sea?  While Iran has taken the world's attention, Turkey is stealthily pursuing its goal of developing a military and intelligence infrastructure on the Red Sea. 

Fire and Fury: Trump says book is 'fiction' and author a 'fraud' Donald Trump has rejected doubts over his mental health raised in a bombshell new book, describing the book as "fiction" and the author as a "fraud". 

Iraq's Abadi In High-Stakes Plan To Rein In Iranian-Backed Militias The paramilitaries, or Popular Mobilization Forces, are mostly trained and backed by Iran, so Abadi risks angering his most powerful regional backer. 

Analysis: How Iran is working to destroy Israel from within  Iran is preparing the ground for a major conflict between Israel and the so-called "Islamic Resistance"- terror groups and Shiite militias. 

Christians 'Slaughtered Like Chicken' Just a month in the lives of Christians under Islam.