Monday, July 20, 2020


Could War With Iran Be an October Surprise? Over the past few weeks, a series of suspicious fires and explosions have occurred at Iranian civilian and military facilities, including the country’s main missile-production and nuclear complexes.

Blast at power plant in Iran’s central Isfahan province - IRNA Furthermore, a fire broke out at a cellophane factory in northwest Iran on Sunday, in the town of Sheikh Hassan in East Azerbaijan province.

Iran’s Postmodern Jihad Against the Jews The rise of Islamism as a postmodern ideology is inextricably tied to a congenital, and fundamentally antisemitic, negation of the Jewish State.

Fatah and Hamas to hold ‘historic’ joint rally in Gaza against annexation Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas terror group chief Ismail Haniyeh to speak at the event, according to senior officials in the two rival Palestinian factions.

The Hamas-Houthi Plan to Attack Arabs as Well as Israel These Arabs and Muslims are worried, however, that the Hamas-Houthi alliance would not stop [with eliminating Israel] but also strengthen an Iran-led axis to threaten the stability of Arab countries.

Germany, France, Italy threaten sanctions over weapon shipments to Libya The leaders of France, Italy and Germany urged "all foreign actors" to stop interfering in Libya and to respect the UN arms embargo on the country. The trio hinted at sanctions as a way to enforce their position.

Opposing Russian and Syrian Mercenary Armies Face Off in Libya's Civil War As many as 2,500 Russian mercenaries from the shadowy "Wagner Group" have faced off against 3,500 Syrian civil war veterans recruited by Turkey in the proxy battle for control in Libya, according to the Pentagon's Inspector General.

Turkey will be the death of NATO – its recent clash with fellow member France off the coast of Libya is an early symptom When two countries who are supposed to be military allies fall out and almost get themselves into a shooting match, you know there’s going to be trouble ahead. The problem for NATO is, this time, it may prove terminal.

Caroline Glick: China-Iran strategic accord changes calculus for Israel Now that China has chosen to stand with Iran, Israel must recognize the implications and act accordingly.

The Star of David is deemed “Hateful Imagery” on Twitter The Star of David is a symbol of hope for Jews, not “hateful imagery.” Twitter has insulted the Jewish people and its heritage. Op-ed.