Thursday, May 14, 2020


Netanyahu Refuses to Divulge Secret Agreement with Jordan over Temple Mount The Israeli government does not deny that there is a secret agreement with Jordan over the Temple Mount reports Galatz journalist Yuval Segev.

Israel Finally Has A New Government — So What Comes Next? After three elections and 18 months of political deadlock, on Wednesday Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he had formed a unity government.

European nations ratchet up pressure on Israel over proposed annexation plans EU states considering limiting Israel's access to preferential markets if it pushes annexation through.

US State Dept.: Israel decision on annexation may 'take a while' US State Department officials predicted on Wednesday that Israel's new government will likely refrain from immediately declaring sovereignty over West Bank territory a day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an official state visit to Jerusalem.

Iran Urges Int’l Support for Palestine Liberation on ‘Nakba Day’ Iran has condemned the Israeli regime’s occupation of the Palestinian land and voiced its support for Palestinian people.

Hassan Nasrallah: Israel targeting missile sites in Syria  Hezbollah chief also denies presence of Iranian troops in Syria beyond 'military advisers and experts'.

A world in crisis even without the pandemic: Five looming problems Perhaps understandably, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many other international stories off the news agenda.

While world focuses on pandemic, ISIS eyes comeback The forces that drove ISIS to the brink are now passing up the opportunity to deliver the coup de grace.

The Chinese View of Western-Russia Competition The ongoing competition between Russia and the West is likely to continue unabated for years to come.

Evangelicalism and US Politics: Trump Using Religion to Prop Up Israel Mohammad Masjed-Jamei, a scholar of religion and a former diplomat, has weighed in on the impact of evangelical Christianity on the US politics and the country’s foreign policy, especially during the tenure of President Donald Trump.