Tuesday, February 05, 2019


52% of Public, 10% of Likud: Netanyahu Should Resign if Indicted - Poll However, there is not a consensus when the data is analyzed by party.

Democracy in Danger: A Call for Revolt The left's slogan for the 2019 election campaign is "democracy in danger."

EU to Iran: Stop missile tests, assassination attempts on European soil The European Union has struck out at Iran over its missile program and "unacceptable behavior" in Europe and the Middle East. Tehran has rejected the concerns as "baseless" and "non-constructive."

Why have Jewish settler attacks on Palestinians more than doubled in two years? The UN says attacks instigated by Jewish settlers has risen more than 150% since 2016. Hamdi Naasan was one of those victims.

Senior Israeli Leaders Pledge: 2 Million Jews in the West Bank - Report Dozens of senior ministers and Knesset members from Likud and other right-of-center parties signed a declaration overnight to support the "Nahal" movement.

January Tourism to Israel Jumps by 11% Compared to Last Year "The rise in the number of tourists over several years is proof of the quality of the Israeli tourism industry," said Tourism Minister Yariv Levin.

Iranian commander threatens to annihilate Israel IRGC Deputy Commander says Iran has technological ability to expand stealth capabilities, destructive capacity, and missile force range.

Interfaith Confab Highlights Gulf Opening to Jews, Christians Against the backdrop of the first papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula is an interfaith conference that includes prominent US rabbis and Christian evangelicals, who are seeking stronger recognition of Israel through closer ties with Muslim figures and Arab leaders.

Top cleric urges Middle East's Muslims to 'embrace' Christians The head of Sunni Islam's highest seat of learning has urged the Middle East's Muslims to "embrace" local Christians.

60,000 flock to south where fields torched by incendiary balloons now bloom Adom Darom Festival goers celebrate the annual blooming of red anemones as 150,000 Israelis trek through national parks countrywide over the sunny, springlike weekend.