Friday, December 23, 2011


* Hamas will focus on popular protests in struggle with Israel, group chief says Khaled Meshal says unarmed protests have 'the power of a tsunami,' although indicates Hamas will not renounce violence against Israel.
* Baghdad Bombings Carry 'Political Message' Iraqi officials say the bombings that killed 69 in Baghdad on Thursday are 'political' as the country faces a deepening sectarian crisis.
* Egyptians rally against army after woman beaten Protesters demand swifter military handover of power; Muslim Brotherhood, Islamist parties stay out of demonstration.
* Palestinian Authority gives Mideast peacemakers an ultimatum The Palestinian Authority gave the Quartet an ultimatum: it will resume its campaign for statehood recognition if there is no movement in the peace process in the next month.
* If Abbas embraces Hamas, he is walking away from peace Prime Minister's Office slams deal paving way for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other radical groups to join PLO.
* Israel Freezes Equipment Sales to Turkey Defense Ministry orders the cancellation of the sale of advanced intelligence equipment to Turkey.
* Baghad blasts: Hashemi blames Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki Iraq's Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi has said Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is to blame for a sudden surge of violence in the country.
* Tunisia Presents New Coalition Cabinet Moderate Islamist party to run most of Tunisia's ministries in new Cabinet.
* Egypt Islamists want to stick to army vote timetable Muslim Brotherhood opposes protesters' desire for swifter army handover of power before July.
* Turkey is not Faring Well in the US and Europe Turkey, despite its pivotal role in the region, is assailed in Europe and the US for mistreating Armenians, Christians and Journalists.