Wednesday, July 27, 2011


* Women Who Sang on Temple Mount Barred by Police The rules on the Temple Mount are unique for Jews: No singing, no prayer books and certainly not a Torah scroll, but Muslim can play soccer outside their holy mosques.

* Obama's pick to head US military warns Iran over nukes US President Barack Obama's pick to become the top US military officer warned Iran not to underestimate US resolve in responding to attacks on US forces in Iraq.

* Israeli, Palestinian envoys square off over UN recognition Israeli and Palestinian envoys squared off on Tuesday over plans to seek UN recognition of a state of Palestine in September.

* IDF fears Syrian army will back up border protesters The army is preparing for the possibility that Syrian soldiers will deploy along the border and actively defend men who try to infiltrate the Golan Heights.

* Turkey edges toward conflict with Kurds Three Turkish soldiers were killed in the southeastern province of Mardin over the weekend.

* RPT-Russia's Putin considering Kremlin return-sources Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is close to a decision to bid for the presidency.

* World Jewish Congress: Ban Iran from Olympics over anti-Israel boycott The World Jewish Congress has called for Iran to be barred from taking part in the Olympics and other international sporting events.

* Hezbollah warns Israel against 'stealing' gas from Lebanon The leader of Lebanon's Shiite Muslim Hezbollah militant group on Tuesday warned Israel against trying to steal Lebanon's maritime resources.

* Beck and the Jews: Does he get them? Do they get him? Here he is on the night of July 19: "The Jewish people have been chased out of almost every country on this planet," he told a crowd of thousands.

* Israel 'Solves' Missile Attacks by Building 'Hidden Highway' Israel has expelled Jews from Gaza, built bomb shelters and invented anti-Kassam missiles to defend the Negev.