Friday, January 25, 2019


Doomsday Clock as close to apocalypse as it was during height of Cold War A renewed nuclear arms race, rising greenhouse gas emissions and the emergence of state-sponsored disinformation campaigns have left the modern world as close to annihilation as it was at the height of the Cold War, atomic scientists said Thursday.

Iran to Launch 'Massive' War Drills Iranian military leaders announced on Thursday that the Islamic Republic would be launching a "massive" set of war drills later this week that will include the regime's Army's Ground Force and some 12,000 "combat and mobile forces," according to Iran's state-controlled media.

European divisions beyond Brexit on display in Davos Europe's divisions were on display Thursday at the World Economic Forum as hundreds of protesters descended on the Swiss ski resort of Davos to lambast the elite attendees for caring more about their balance sheets than the state of the world.

EXCLUSIVE - Former Israeli War Colleges Commander: 'Without Judea and Samaria, Israel Cannot Defend Tel Aviv' President Donald Trump's negotiating team may unveil its "deal of the century" peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians soon after Israel's April 9 elections.

Earthquake in Northern Israel- 'Felt Like a Bomb,' Residents People in Afula, Nazereth and Migdal Haemek in the North said they also heard loud explosions.

France and Germany: "We Are Committed to the Emergence of a European Army" "Populism and nationalism are increasing in all our countries. For the first time, a country - Great Britain - is leaving the European Union. Worldwide, multilateralism is under pressure...." - German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A Week of Military and Diplomatic Success for Israel; Failure and Humiliation for Iran and the PA On the political and military fronts, Israel outmaneuvers its enemies

How an Indictment of Netanyahu Changes Israel's Electoral Map It is not impossible to envision a scenario where no single party will be able to form a coalition.

Syria's Assad suspends special visas for EU diplomats The European Commission said on Thursday that Syria's President Bashar al-Assad had suspended special visas for European Union diplomats to Damascus, confirming a Reuters report earlier this week.

In the Qumran cliffs, an expedition digs up new Dead Sea Scroll caves Winter excavation yields information on how an ascetic desert community lived and where it hid its precious sacred texts - and gives pointers for where to search next.