Monday, February 24, 2014


Iraq signs deal to buy arms, ammunition from Iran According to report, deal worth $195 million, would break UN embargo on weapons sales by Tehran.

Ukraine crisis: Russia steps up Ukraine rhetoric Russia has stepped up its rhetoric against Ukraine's new Western-leaning leadership as tensions rise over the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Military Intelligence expanding to cope with jihadi threat from Syria The IDF remains concerned that al-Qaida affiliated organizations will seek to turn their guns, bombs, and rockets against Israel in the future.

True Olympic Heroes that we'll definitely remember from Sochi 2014 Games The 2014 Sochi Olympics has seen world-class displays of sporting prowess - but there are some athletes and achievements that will especially stick in our memories long after the Olympic flame goes out.

Hamas: Recognizing Israel is a 'Death Sentence' to the PA Lawmakers from Hamas warn PA Chairman against recognizing Israel as part of the ongoing peace process.

Jordan won't be Palestine, king says Abdullah II warns domestic opponents that calling for the Hashemite Kingdom to be the Palestinian state is 'sedition'

Ukraine sets European course after ouster of Yanukovich US, Britain warn Russia against military intervention; Tymoshenko says she won't lead interim government; EU offers aid, renewed trade pact, Moscow holding back cash.

Western Ukrainians debunk fears of national split People who came to St. Mikolaj's, in Staryj Sambir, near the Polish-Ukrainian border, on Sunday (23 February) to bury their hero listened to an appeal for national unity from the pulpit.

Egyptian government resigns, paving way for military chief Sisi to run for president "This was done as a step that was needed ahead of Sisi's announcement that he will run for president," Egyptian official says.

On eve of Merkel's visit, Netanyahu says settlements not obstacle to peace Netanyahu addresses disagreements with Germany on issue of settlement construction as German chancellor set to arrive.