Friday, June 14, 2013


* Iranians vote in key presidential elections Millions of voters across Iran have cast their ballots in the country's presidential elections.

* Russia Hits Back at U.S. Over Syria The Kremlin criticized the U.S. decision to arm Syrian opposition fighters .

* 'US studying Syria no-fly zone near Jordan border' As a part of its proposal to provide military aid to the Syrian rebels, the United States is studying setting up a limited no-fly zone in Syria.

* Ya'alon: Israeli intervention in Syria would not help Israel will not intervene in Syria in part because any such intervention would harm the side Israel favors.

* Egypt Brotherhood backs Syria jihad, denounces Shi'ites Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood blamed Shi'ites for creating religious strife throughout Islam's history.

* UN skeptical of US drums on Syria chemical arms United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon confirmed he has received documents from American authorities detailing their findings on chemical weapons use in Syria.

* 'Assad hopes to unite war-torn Syria against Israel' Syrian President Bashar Assad's long term plans include a continued struggle against Israel.

* Khamenei, with mocking graphic, says US elections controlled by 'Zionists' As Iran held presidential elections, the country's religious leader said on his Facebook page that these were freer than those in the United States.

* Gazan, Jewish kids play same 'war games' When I was in fifth grade, my class was taken to Caesarea beach to engage in what apparently would be described now as a "series of combat and guerilla warfare drills."

* Professors: Stop calling Israel an occupier Professors participating in an international conference at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv this week explained that international law that does necessarily support the claim that Israel is imposing a belligerent occupation on Judea and Samaria.