Thursday, January 19, 2012


* PM: Iran already decided to become a nuclear state Iran has already decided to become a nuclear state.

* Iran Threatens U.S., Persian Gulf Cities with Missile Attacks Iran might pound Persian Gulf cities with ballistic missiles and use swift boats to attack American war ships.

* Panetta: U.S. military fully prepared to deal with Iran threat The U.S. military is fully prepared to deal with any threats by Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz.

* IDF Paratroopers Renew Brigade Jumps, Ground Attack in Drill This week, the IDF held its first parachuted brigade training exercise in 15 years.

* Israeli Hacker Groups Raise Cyberwar Stakes Several days after a hack attack by Saudi and other Arab hackers against the web sites of El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel's "IDF-Team" hacker group struck back against web sites of large banks in the United Arab Emirates, and in Gaza.

* 'Muslim Brotherhood site rife with anti-Semitism' The Arabic website of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is rife with anti- Semitic and anti-Israel content.

* Lebanese Army Warns Hizbullah: Disarm Before Assad Falls Lebanese Army leader Samir Geagea warned the Hizbullah terrorist organization this week that it is better to make a "historic" deal to disarm before Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is toppled from power.

* Dangerous abortions 'on the rise', says WHO A rising proportion of abortions worldwide are putting women's health at risk, researchers say.

* Russia: EU and US want war with Syria Russia has accused Nato countries of trying to start a war with Syria and foment revolution in Iran.

* Worries grow over Syria chemical weapons arsenal As the days of Syrian President Bashar Assad increasingly look numbered, concerns are mounting that the regime's vast stockpile of chemical weapons might fall into the hands of terrorists by accident or by plan.