Friday, November 29, 2013


Israeli MKs Demand Jewish Access to Temple Mount on Hanukkah Jerusalem's Temple Mount is a focal point of the upcoming holiday of Hannukah.

Iraq Bomb Wave Raises Fears of Sectarian War Eleven car bombs wrought havoc throughout Iraq.

Will Iran nuclear deal unleash the 'Germany of the Middle East'? The historic six-month agreement over Tehran's nuclear program may begin a new era of relations with Iran.

Historically unprecedented number of European Muslim fighters in Syria A leading European expert on security and counterterrorism published an analysis on a range of countries.

Muslim Sisterhood - meet Egypt's new pro-Morsi avant-garde Since the ouster of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, female members of the Muslim Brotherhood have moved to the forefront.

EU summit shows no sign of reviving Ukraine deal Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych abruptly froze plans to sign the trade and reform deal last week.

E.U. Court: Homosexuality Can Be Grounds For Asylum Refugees facing imprisonment in their home country because they are gay may have grounds to be granted asylum in the European Union.

China scrambles jets in air zone to monitor US and Japanese planes China says it scrambled fighter jets to monitor US and Japanese planes as they flew in its newly declared air defence zone.

EU rejects Russia 'veto' on Ukraine agreement The EU will not accept a "veto" by Russia on the bloc's ties with former Soviet republics.

Some refreshing, politically incorrect clarity from Tony Blair on Islamic extremism It's heartening to see a former British Prime Minister act the role of statesman and sage.