Friday, July 10, 2015


Chanting "Death to America, Israel," millions march in Iran on al-Quds Day Protesters burn US, Israeli flags at annual rallies; condemn Saudi Arabia over Yemen conflict.

Nasrallah: Iran only hope to liberate Jerusalem Hezbollah leader delivers annual speech via massive screen in Beirut; Pro-Palestinian rallies spread across Iran as a new deadline is set for negotiations on Iran's nuclear program.

Nuclear deal or not, Israel faces a dangerous future Analysis: If Iran signs an agreement with the world powers, the billions of dollars it stands to receive will boost its strategic strength and support of terror; if an agreement isn't signed, Iran will speed up its attempts to reach a nuclear weapon and regional hegemony.

Greece debt crisis: Greek MPs to debate controversial reforms plan Greek MPs are to debate new proposals sent to the country's creditors with the aim of getting a third bailout and averting a possible exit from the euro.

Just How Many Arabs Are in Israel? PA's stats bureau releases official figures: there are 4.68 million Arabs in Gaza-Judea-Samaria, and that's set to grow with 40% under 14.

Wiesenthal Center slams Ukrainian Holocaust bill The proposed law defines the Holodomor, a massive famine, as the "genocide of the Ukrainian people" and the Holocaust as the "genocide of the Jewish people."

Pope Francis demands end to 'genocide' of Middle East Christians The pope, on his visit to South America, said that the world is experiencing a third World War.

Iran Talks Extend 'Over Weekend' Amid 'Death to Israel' Chants Iranian FM tells state media that talks will miss deadline, even as millions in Tehran and around Iran mark 'Death to Israel Day.'

Top Israeli Cyber Expert Says NYSE Outage Likely an Attack Prof. Danny Dolev of the Cyber Research Center at Hebrew University doubts official explanations for events at NYSE, WSJ, United Airlines.

Israel discussing easing Gaza conditions High-ranking officers of the Israeli army have recommended easing restrictions on the Palestinians in Gaza. The recommendations include permitting thousands of residents of the area to travel abroad.