Tuesday, May 07, 2019


Israel prepares to remember its fallen soldiers, terror victims Israelis will stand in silence as a one-minute siren wails across the country at 8pm in memory of some 23,741 fallen IDF stroops and 3,150 civilians killed in terror attacks - 4 of whom have died this week alone from rockets fired from Gaza.

Trump: 'We Support Israel 100%' Against Rocket Attacks President Donald Trump said Sunday that the U.S. supports Israel defending itself against an onslaught of rockets from Gaza-based terror groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad "100%."

Iran's Badr 3 missile debuts against Israel in Palestinian rocket offensive The Iranian Badr 3 missile explodes within 20m of target and releases a 1,400-piece shower of shrapnel fragments.

Israeli Study: Anti-Semitic Attacks Rise Worldwide As Israel marked Holocaust Remembrance Day, a new report by Israeli researchers showed a significant spike in anti-Semitic attacks worldwide, with the largest number of Jews killed in decades.

Exhausting all options before going to war - Analysis No boasting of any great gains, no praise for the strength and resilience of the country in withstanding an unprecedented missile barrage. Just a short note saying the campaign is far from over.

European elections could reveal popularity and chaos of populists Can traditional left-right dominance survive at European Parliament given the rise of far-right groups since 2014?

Escalating Syrian and Russian airstrikes in rebel-held Idlib stoke fears of a final showdown Syrian government and allied Russian warplanes on Monday intensified a week-long bombardment of Idlib province, targeting hospitals and other civilian infrastructure as tens of thousands of residents fled toward the border with Turkey, activists and monitors in the rebel-held region said.

The Eastern Mediterranean and the EU Parliamentary Election The states of the Eastern Mediterranean should pay close attention to the upcoming European parliamentary election, as its outcome will influence geostrategic and economic developments in that region.

Iran's 'Terror Factory' Targeting Christians "In Iran, any practice that contradicts Islam is regarded as a national security threat, punished severely by the court system." - International Christian Concern, 2019.

Only 27% of Israelis pray daily - Pew Study The study predominantly follows a trend where countries that have the lowest GDP per capita, such as Afghanistan, have the highest rates of daily prayer.