Monday, October 05, 2020


 Erdogan: ‘Jerusalem Has Been Our City For Thousands of Years’ Erdogan addressed the opening of the Turkish Parliament on October 1 with a ringing declaration that “Jerusalem Has Been Our City For Thousands of Years.”

A Clash with Turkey Is Becoming Inevitable Turkey has essentially become like Iraq in early 1990: Erdoğan, like Saddam, sees his economy collapsing and recognizes that he will not be able to deflect blame from his own mismanagement and choices.

A Fifth War Won't Do Turkey Any Good On August 28, a former MP from Erdoğan's Justice and Development Party, Metin Külünk, published a map of "Greater Turkey" which illustrates the extent of Turkey's revisionist ambitions.

Gantz says Turkey opposed to regional peace "Definitely the question of Turkey is a very complicated one, because Turkey is part of NATO," the defense minister said.

7 + 3: Greece As Part of a Mediterranean Bloc Given the historical ties of Athens with Middle Eastern countries, Greece is an ideal candidate to play a pivotal role in a Mediterranean bloc to include Israel, Gulf States, and European countries with the object of repelling Turkey’s expansionist ambitions.

Eastern Partnership: Time for action A successful Eastern Partnership policy is the ultimate test for the EU’s global leadership ambitions, explains Petras Auštrevicius.

To avoid WW3, the US must assure military support for Russia in Syria America must assure Russia military support now, thereby neutralizing Turkey's prevention of Russian sea passage in the Straits. Op-ed.

Iran backs Azerbaijan, sends arms to Armenia Iran like Turkey consistently supports Azerbaijan, the fourth Shiite Islamic majority nation in the world, while refraining from roundly condemning Christian Armenia, at a time that the two Caucasian nations are locked in fierce combat over the Nagorno Karabakh enclave.

An October Surprise? Here’s an idea for an October Surprise that could transform the political landscape. It has nothing to do with the announcement of a coronavirus vaccine.

Xi Jinping of China, World’s Forced Abortion Capital, Touts Women’s Rights at U.N. Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Thursday delivered a speech advocating for women’s rights at the United Nations (U.N). World Conference on Women in Beijing.