Friday, January 10, 2020


Iran plane crash: Western powers suggest missile downed jet Evidence suggests an Iranian missile brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near Tehran, possibly in error, Western leaders say.

Ukraine's Zelensky: Iranian Missile Hitting Plane 'Not Ruled Out' Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, changed his tune from urging caution against "conspiracy theories" to asserting on Friday an Iranian missile shooting down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 "is not being ruled out."

Iran's attack on US airbase in Iraq finds Israel vulnerable to same kind of ballistic missile strike The breakthrough achieved by Iran in upgrading the precision of its ballistic missiles was displayed in its Jan. 8 attack on the big US Ain Al-Asad airbase in W. Iraq.

Iraqi PM tells Pompeo that US must decide mechanism for troop withdrawal Abdul-Mahdi's comments suggest he stands by previous statements that US soldiers should leave country despite recent signals toward deescalation between Tehran and Washington.

Forcing US Troops from Iraq Will be a Victory for ISIS, Iran "They [surviving ISIS fighters] have better techniques, better tactics and a lot more money at their disposal..." - Lahur Talabany, a top Kurdish counter-terrorism official

Report: 8 dead in Israeli airstrikes on Iraq-Syria border Observer group claims eight pro-Iranian fighters killed in Israeli bombings in Syria near Iraqi border. Death toll expected to rise.

Analysis: President Trump broke the code, exposed Iran origins of proxy terrorism For 40 years, the United States would not hold the Iranian regime responsible for the terror proxies it funded, armed, trained, and directed.

Germany urges EU unity at Middle East crisis meeting Fearing a war on their doorstep, EU foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels to find ways to deescalate tensions between the US and Iran.

Four European Countries Might Be Added to Anti-Semitism Watchlist Anti-Semitism watchdogs are calling on the Trump administration to designate France, Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom as countries of concern due to the rapid rise of anti-Jewish hate crimes.

Israel should take reciprocal steps for Evangelical support The way to defeat antisemitism isn't to oppose it, but to promote a love of Jews, an Evangelical leader has said.