Thursday, July 07, 2016


PA media teaches kids:'Jews do Satan's work on earth'  Fatah TV cartoon 'educates' children on how Jews are agents of 'Satan', who do evil and try to kill Mohammed. 

Watch: Israeli Navy wraps up major sea-warfare simulation  Advanced, long-range sea-to-sea missiles featured during two-week exercise simulating attacks on Israeli waters. 

Baghdad bombing death toll rises to 281  Iraqi officials have again raised the figure for the number of people killed in Sunday's suicide bombing in Baghdad. 

Report: Kenya foiled assassination attempt on Netanyahu during his visit  Anonymous source tells Kuwaiti newspaper that on Tuesday the Kenyan authorities informed the PM's security guards that the convoy must change its route. 

Knesset to consider law cracking down on internet incitement  Justice Minister Shaked and Public Security Minister Erdan seek to codify legislation allowing removal of threatening content from social media sites within hours; Authors say it won't infringe on freedom of speech. 

Opinion: Is America heading toward a clash of civilizations?  The San Bernardino and Orlando massacres are not isolated incidents; they are the beginning of a new, bloody era in America. 

Tony Blair says world is better as a result of Iraq War  Tony Blair says the world would be "in a worse position" had he not taken the decision to invade Iraq. 

* 'Virgin. Beautiful.': The Yazidi Girls Sold in the Islamic State's Online Sex Market  The advertisement on the Telegram app is as chilling as it is incongruous: A girl for sale is 'Virgin. Beautiful. 12 years old'. Her price has reached $12,500 and she will be sold soon. 

Turkey: Victim of Its Own Enthusiasm for Jihad  The government big guns in Ankara just shrugged it off when on June 5, 2015, only two days before general elections in the country, homegrown jihadist militants for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syia (ISIS, or ISIL or IS) detonated bombs, killing four people and injuring over 100, at a pro-Kurdish political rally. 

Russian Provocations Challenge NATO on Eve of Summit  Member states to cement plan for more troops in Eastern Europe, but experts warn it may fall short of deterring Putin.