Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Netanyahu responds to Obama: We did indeed present practical alternative to Iran deal As he arrives back in Israel, the prime minister pushes back against those saying there was no tactical alternative in his speech to Congress.

Obama says Netanyahu's Iran speech contains 'nothing new' US President Barack Obama has reacted scathingly to a speech by the Israeli prime minister that castigated his policy towards Iran.

Experts: U.S. Concessions Handing Iran a Clear Path to Nuclear Bomb Deal would leave Iran just a year away from functional nuclear weapon.

Top US general says Iranian hand in Iraq could turn out well Joint Chiefs chairman Martin Dempsey argues that Tehran's involvement is only a problem "if it results in sectarianism".

Purim 2015 reflects political struggles in Israel Temple Mount activists to mark holiday by attempting to pray at hotly contested holy site.

Did court ruling change status of Jewish prayer atop Temple Mount? The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court made a major ruling this week.

Temple Mount Police Openly Defy Court Ruling on Jewish Prayer 'Astonishing' statement by senior officer reveals police have permission 'from way up' to ignore the courts, veteran campaigner says.

Saudi pundit supports Netanyahu's Congress address Ahmad Al-Faraj calls Obama "one of the worst presidents in US history," accuses him of pursuing Iran deal for his own glory.

Senate to Debate Iran Legislation Despite Veto Threat Senate to begin debate next week on bill that would require Obama to submit any final nuclear deal with Iran for Congress' approval.

Iran denounces Netanyahu's "lie-spreading" Congress speech Khamenei tweets that "US officials are obliged to show consideration for Israel, cover up its crimes".