Friday, October 25, 2013


Iran could build nuclear bomb within one month As of today, Iran could produce sufficient quantity of uranium for a nuclear bomb.

Livni: Israel, Saudis speaking same language on Iran Saudi Arabia and Israel are united in their opposition to Iran.

Turkey joins Saudis in showing displeasure over US policy on Syria There is an international failure in dealing with the Syrian crisis.

New Program Encourages Jews to Visit Temple Mount A new initiative going under the name Jewish Freedom on the Temple Mount" is encouraging Jews to visit Judaism's holiest site in far greater numbers.

Elite Hezbollah fighters are spearheading battle in Syria, IDF commander warns Elite Hezbollah fighters are leading the Syrian government's battle against rebels in the country's most violent regions.

On the border with Syria, the land of war Beyond the IDF's Bustar outpost on the Golan Heights lies a land of war.

EU says distrust of US on spying may harm terror fight EU leaders meeting in Brussels said distrust of the US over spying could harm the fight against terrorism.

Iran Announces 34 New Nuke Sites Iran plans to build many new nuclear plants with atomic reactors along its coastlines.

Ashton Meets Abbas, Urges Reconciliation with Hamas European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Thursday called for the end of divisions between the Palestinian Authority-based Fatah and Hamas factions.

The EU-Ukraine tango on gay rights From 27 to 29 November, Vilnius will host the summit of the Eastern partnership, where Ukraine plans to sign an association agreement with the European Union.