Tuesday, April 06, 2021


 On eve of Iran talks, Netanyahu warns Tehran against harming Israel During his speech in Jaffa, Netanyahu spoke of the difficulty of relying on allies and friends, and the importance of self-defense.

Iran and Israel’s strategic paradox The past year was very good for Israel, security-wise. The number of attacks was relatively low, and the intensive focus on the pandemic (and elections) pushed aside issues that in normal times would have made headlines.

Rivlin hands Netanyahu mandate to form coalition despite low chance of success Netanyahu received the majority of endorsements to form the next government, beating out Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid.

Palestinians: US Taxpayer Money Going to Terrorists The memo, however, does not specifically say that the renewed US funding would be conditioned on ending the Palestinians' "pay-to-slay" program.

US ducks question on whether east Jerusalem is Palestinian capital "There has been no change on our position in Jerusalem – and, of course, Jerusalem is a final status issue that is to be negotiated by the two parties."

The Biden Effect: China to deploy 5,000 troops in Iran, build military base there This will prop up the mullahs, who are so unpopular among the Iranian people that the Islamic regime might otherwise have fallen.

Indoctrinated in Hate: 'This Is the Start of the New Caliphate' Hate-filled indoctrination and training in violence is not limited to the "schools" of ISIS or Boko Haram.

How Jordan's royal drama could threaten Middle East stability, as U.S. offers support Accusations of a plot against the monarchy could have implications for allies like the U.S. that consider Jordan a reliable partner in the region.

EU-Turkey: What's on the agenda as EU chiefs visit Ankara today? It has now been 22 years since Turkey became a candidate nation for membership of the European Union.

Moscow pledges retaliation to US & UK plans for rocket deployment in range of Russia’s borders, sparking new missile crisis fears Russia would be forced to defend itself if Western nations go through with plans to station short- and long-range missiles in Europe, a Moscow diplomat has warned, insisting they could be used to target the country’s air defenses.