Wednesday, March 01, 2017


If You Love Jesus, Then Die Like Jesus!' Another month of atrocities' any of which, if they were committed by Christians against Muslims, would've received mass media coverage.

'Hamas Doesn't Want War, but the Situation in the Palestinian Territories is Explosive' Head of IDF Military Intelligence briefs Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, reportedly says tunnels are not an existential threat, but warns of volatile potential in the territories.

Islam will overtake Christianity by the end of century Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world according to a new analysis of religious surveys published by the Pew Research Center.

The Arab Summit may bury hatchet with Assad Secret contacts currently underway ahead of the Arab League summit later this month may bring about a sea change in the Arab world's relationship with Syrian President Bashar Assad, DEBKA file's sources report.

Islamic State Threatens China for First Time; Uighur Jihadists Vow to 'Shed Blood Like Rivers' Islamic State militants from China's Uighur ethnic minority have vowed to return home and "shed blood like rivers" in what experts said marked the first IS threat against Chinese targets.

Reshaping Nato? During the 2016 election campaign, candidate Donald Trump called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) irrelevant.

ISIS Attacks on Sinai Christians Pose Challenge to Sisi At the Mary Jirjis Church in Ismailia Egypt, Mervat Jirjis describes how her family recently fled their home in the northern Sinai town of El Arish after her husband received a threat to leave immediately or be slaughtered.

Mosul battle: Iraqi forces cut IS escape route to Tal Afar Iraqi forces are reported to have taken control of the last major road out of western Mosul, preventing Islamic State militants from fleeing the city.

The Islamic State calls on Muslims to dress like Jews to terrorize and murder them  This is not the first time that the Islamic State has taken specific aim at Jews.

Merkel Visits Egypt, Tunisia to Talk about Migration BERLIN (AP) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel is heading to Egypt and Tunisia this week to discuss migration and development in the North Africa nations.