Thursday, December 24, 2015


The scandal of official silence as Christianity emerges as world's most persecuted religion  The lack of public outcry over the continued persecution and murder of Christians in the Middle East is a scandal of enormous proportions. 

IN PICTURES: Christmas preparations in full swing in the Holy Land  The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fuad Twal, sent greetings to the Catholic world and called for peace in the region. 

Analysis: How to stop ISIS, the most dangerous movement since Nazism  The world must wake up and mobilize all its forces to confront the global terrorist threat. 

Shin Bet: Jewish extremists seek to overthrow Israel's gov't and crown a king  Intelligence agency: Claims by fanatical detainees of torture are baseless, aimed at distracting from their acts. 

Temple Mount in Jewish hands? The Egyptian intellectual who handed over al-Aksa  Egyptian philosopher, expert on Arabic and Islamic studies, says Muslim claims over al-Aksa mosque are baseless. 

Christians arrive in Bethlehem to mark Christmas Eve  Marching bands play festive music in Manger Square but mood dampened by three-month wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence. 

Orthodox Rabbis Bring Jesus Home for Christmas  More than 25 prominent rabbis from Israel and abroad recently issued a statement calling for a renewed look at Jesus, Christians and the New Testament faith. 

Russia, India expected to agree deals worth up to $150bn  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a two-day visit to Moscow, has announced a large-scale development program for the country's armed forces, which could be worth $150 billion. 

Russian Missile System in Syria Threatens U.S. Pilots  S-400 system has a wide range that includes regional bases with a U.S. presence. 

Video: PM Netanyahu wishes Christians a merry Christmas  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sends Christmas greetings to Christians in Israel and across the world.