Thursday, August 30, 2018


'A good satellite does what it is told': US warns Turkey & other allies against buying Russian S-400 Once again warning Turkey against buying Russian S-400 air-defense systems, the US State Department has gone a step further, to virtually threaten all its NATO and other allies with sanctions should they consider similar deals.

French president calls on Europe to bolster defenses without US support, suggests cooperation with Russia French President Emmanuel Macron called on all European nations to invest more heavily in defense and develop financial security within the continent.

AP Explains: The looming, final battle for Syria's rebels In a corner of northwestern Syria packed with nearly 3 million people, the government and its opponents are preparing for a final, bloody showdown.

Hamas: Between unity with Fatah and a deal with Israel Hamas seems to be making more progress on a de-escalation deal with Israel than on reconciliation with Fatah.

Iran and Syria Tout A Defense & Reconstruction Deal The Islamic Republic is determined to stay in Syria and 'participate' in rebuilding the country as well as the Assad regime's armed forces.

Rabbi: "UN is Replacement Theology on Steroids" The United Nations has played a leading role in rewriting history as part of its anti-Israel agenda.

PM: Only the strong can make peace PM says Israel can only have peace if it is strong at ceremony marking naming of nuclear research facility after Shimon Peres

Netanyahu warns Israel's enemies at nuclear center's ceremony Speaking at renaming ceremony of the Negev Nuclear Research Center, PM says: 'anyone who tries to harm us will be harmed'.

Israeli schools largely avoid teaching evolution - report Charles Darwin's theory of common descent of life is marginalized and instead students are taught about species' adaptation and genetic modification.

Under Fire For the Faith in Nigeria Jihad's genocide against Christians ensues unabated.