Friday, March 29, 2019


U.S. Government Maps to Show Israeli Sovereignty over Golan Heights The Jerusalem Post reports: United States government maps are slated to be redrawn to reflect US President Donald Trump's official recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, according to a report by Voice of America.

Iran to 'resist' Trump decision on Israel's hold over Golan Iran's president vows his country will resist Trump's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over Golan.

Hamas: Coming hours will decide if conflict continues Hamas says 'marathon of talks' with Egypt continue and coming hours crucial, as Egypt demands Hamas take 'active steps' to prevent conflict.

What Hamas really wants from its latest attacks on Israel A rocket launch from Gaza on Monday destroyed a house north of Tel Aviv, injuring six family members, including three children as young as 18 months old.

Gaza braces for anniversary of demonstrations at frontier with Israel UN says 194 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire and close to 29,000 wounded in past 12 months.

End-of-Days Expert: Disaster Drills, Sign 'Governments Know Something Big is Coming' In what may be seen as an ominous case of synchronicity, earthquake and tsunami drills were held all over the world in the last month.

Brexit: MPs voting on 22 May departure plan Theresa May has told MPs this is their "last opportunity to guarantee Brexit", as they vote on her EU withdrawal agreement.

The Latest: Barnier: Chaotic Brexit now is 'more likely' The chief European Union's Brexit negotiator says that a chaotic no-deal departure of Britain from the bloc "has become more likely."

Turkey: Air Defense Purchase From Russia 'A Done Deal' Turkey will honor its air defense deal with Russia, Ankara said on Friday after four US senators introduced a bill to ban the planned delivery of F-35 fighter jets if Turkey ignored US opposition and accepted the S-400 system.

IDF at peak readiness in Gaza sector, adds reinforcements after failed Egyptian truce bid Israel's armed forces around Gaza are at peak readiness for Hamas' "March of the Million" on Friday and Saturday, March 30-31.