Monday, July 19, 2021


 Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av Just Before Gates Slammed Shut On Sunday, on the holy day of Tisha B’Av, Yeraeh, a Temple Mount organization, recorded 1,679 Jews ascending to the Temple Mount, marking a 71% increase over last year.

Discreet Jewish prayer continues on Temple Mount Temple Mount activists say there were no changes in procedures at the holy site after 1,600 Jewish visitors ascended to mark Tisha Be'av.

Israel’s PM is playing with fire on the Temple Mount Bennett hailed ‘freedom of Jewish worship’ at the religious hotspot, a day after TV footage showed Jews at prayer there. Then he backtracked, anonymously. This is no way to govern.

Abdullah heads to US as Bennett upholds Jewish rights on Temple Mount The meeting comes a day after Jordan sent an official complaint to Israel for allowing Jews onto the Temple Mount.

Israeli Islamist Party Slams Jewish Worship on Temple Mount, Says Holy Site ‘Property of Muslims’ The Islamist Ra’am party, which is part of Israel’s motley ruling coalition, on Sunday joined a chorus of condemnation from the Arab and Muslim world over the ascent of hundreds of Jewish pilgrims to the Temple Mount to commemorate the Jewish fast of Tisha B’av, claiming the flashpoint site – Judaism’s holiest – is the “sole property of Muslims.”

Mahmoud Abbas’s Demands: A Decree of Israel’s Surrender The demands issued by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas show a clear intention to turn the clock back. Israel cannot accept these dictates, which would have been rejected out of hand by Yitzhak Rabin.

Mahmoud Abbas Prepares List of Demands On Israel If Negotiations Are to Resume Mahmoud Abbas has prepared a list of 15 demands that, the PA claims, must be understood as a prerequisite to negotiations with Israel.

The EU Leaders Join North Korea in Welcoming Iran's Mass Murderer President By handpicking a mass murderer to be president, the Iranian regime is sending a strong message to the Iranian people and the world that it will not respect human rights.

What Will Happen to EU-Russia Relations after Merkel Leaves Office? A more critical attitude towards Russia’s internal and external policies has already started to emerge earlier with Merkel at the helm.

Activists demand recognition for Kurdish, North and East Syria - analysis This vast area which includes the deserts along the Euphrates as well as the old ISIS capital of Raqqa and also includes Kurdish towns and cities was badly harmed by ISIS and then attacked by Turkey.