Tuesday, March 09, 2021


 EXPERT: Biden Administration Wants to Legitimize Hamas An expert in Arab0-Israel relations recently published a paper in which he claimed the Biden administration has been guiding the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in order to fast-track the creation of a terrorist state inside Israel.

As pope ends trip, Iraq's prime minister calls for national dialogue Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi applauded Pope Francis' visit as a great success and reached out to the Iraqi people and different parties to form a dialogue of understanding and tolerance among them.

IRAQ: Pope Listens to Imam Recite Prayer From Quran Slamming "Idolatrous Leaders" At a prayer event held at Abraham’s Birthplace in Iraq, a Shia cleric read to the Pope from the Ibrahim Sura, a section of the Koran that describes the evil of “idolatrous leaders”.

Saudis come out against Temple Mount Saudi Twitter users say that Muslims should be praying only towards Mecca.

Saudis Refutes Claim That Temple Mount Holy to Islam: Is it a Prophecy from the Zohar? As the “Palestinians” try to reestablish themselves with the new US president, many Arab nations, now politically aligned with Israel, are rejecting the Palestinian claim to the Temple Mount, saying it is insulting to Islam.

Moscow’s troops could dominate NATO in Baltic region, top Polish general predicts… but Russia insists it’s just not interested In the event of war, Russia’s tanks could cut off the Baltic nations in just two days before setting their sights on the West, Warsaw’s former army chief has said. But Moscow officials say they’re not out for world domination.

The Mullahs' Nuclear Weapons Game If the Western leaders know anything about the theocratic establishment of Iran, they would be able to see that the regime has used the Shia religion of Islam to justify repressing its population, killing, executing and sponsoring terror groups across the region.

Turkey’s Growing Central Asian Influence Is an Opportunity for Joe Biden The role America hoped Turkey would have played in Central Asia after the fall of the Soviet Union is slowly becoming a reality.

What Does Turkey Want From Iraqi Kurdistan? As Kurds are used to it, they face internal political divisions while their territories are once more wedged between regional and world powers, not least their powerful Turkish neighbor.

Algeria: Two Christians get prison and heavy fine for ‘shaking the faith’ of Muslims with Christian literature It is a fragile and insecure faith that has to imprison and fine those who challenge it, rather than meeting them as equals on the battlefield of ideas.