Tuesday, January 05, 2021


 How long would it take Iran to breakout to an atomic bomb? Iran announced it is violating the nuclear deal and enriching uranium to 20%. How long will it take it to make a nuclear weapon?

Iran issues Interpol notice for 48 US officials including Trump Second Interpol arrest request for US President Donald Trump comes two weeks before he has to leave the White House.

EXPLAINER: Biden's Iran problem is getting worse by the day Joe Biden has an Iran problem. And, it's getting more complicated by the day.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar reconciliation: What might change in the region In some ways the Trump administration helped fuel the break in the Gulf, or at least made Riyadh feel that it might get concessions from Qatar.

What is the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit? The GCC was set up in 1981 as the political and economic confederation of six states, all headed by monarchies, that make up the Arabian Peninsula, minus Iraq and Yemen.

Israel-Europe ties improving, warming up to Abraham Accords - exclusive The Foreign Ministry has been working to help those European diplomats understand the shift in the paradigm of the Middle East.

What is behind Mahmoud Abbas's diplomatic offensive? The Palestinian president hopes to restore the Palestinian Authority's international standing. But will it work?

'Green passports will be a means to manage daily life' says government's COVID czar Passports to be required for entrance to large number of public venues, even though there's no proof vaccine confers immunity.

Italy's government could soon collapse over a dispute about EU funds Italy is on the verge of another political crisis as members of the coalition government question the prime minister's plan for the country's economic recovery.

Farage: There Won't Be a European Union in Ten Years' Time Brexit leader Nigel Farage has said that the UK has "set the standard" for nations gaining independence from the European Union, predicting that with the current divides on the continent between east and west and north and south, the bloc will not even exist in ten years.