Saturday, May 30, 2015


Tony Blair to become Israeli/Arab 'unofficial liaison' Following his resignation as Middle East peace envoy, former Prime Minister Tony Blair is planning to take up the mantle of unofficial liaison point between Israel and the Arab world, aides have said.

Muslim Scholars: Israel Is 'Root Cause' Of All Islamic Nations' Failures Muslim clerics gathered in Beirut on Wednesday to kick off the Khomeinist International Union of Resistance conference, where 'scholars' discussed how to stand up against the 'cancerous tumor of Israel,' according to reports from Lebanese and Iranian media outlets.

Palestinians said to use snake against IDF Soldiers in village near Ramallah find serpent tied by tail to concrete block; fortunately it wasn't poisonous.

US, Iran accelerate nuclear talks a month before deadline A month out from a nuclear deal deadline, the top U.S. and Iranian diplomats gathered in Geneva Saturday in an effort to bridge differences over how quickly to ease economic sanctions on Tehran and how significantly the Iranians must open up military facilities to international inspections.

Opec under siege as Isil threatens world's oil lifeline As the bloc's 12 oil ministers meet in Vienna, the march of Isil jihadists in the Middle East is putting Iran and Saudi Arabia on a collision course with explosive consequences.

If Catholic Ireland said yes - could Israel ever do the same? The right to marry remains out of reach for gay couples in Israel.

Behind the Lines: Hezbollah - Born in Lebanon, dying in Syria? As Bashar Assad loses more ground, Hezbollah is being drawn deeper into the Syrian quagmire.

IS affiliate in Sinai threatens Eilat with rockets Militant group warns on its Facebook page that it will launch barrage against Israeli border town in coming days.

Hezbollah-inspired film imagines the 'liberation of the Galilee' A group of Lebanese academics are creating a 'Hollywood-style' film which imagines Hezbollah taking over the Galilee in 2019.

* 'Not recognizing Israel as Jewish is anti-Semitic, Pope says' Francis also said to backtrack on statements attributed to him to the effect that Abbas is a 'bit an angel of peace'

Friday, May 29, 2015


Islamists promise 'Kuffar blood' will spill at Phoenix "Draw Muhammad" contest Breitbart News previously reported that former Marine Jon Ritzheimer and fellow bikers will be holding a 'Draw Muhammad' contest Friday night at 6 p.m. Islamists now warn participants not to bring their children with them if they love them, promising blood spill if Muhammad is drawn.

Video Shows Turkey Smuggling Arms to Syrian Jihadists Images and video leaked of Turkish state intelligence shipping weapons to Syria; weapons allegedly Russian.

In al-Nusra Front's Syria, no room for religious minorities A rare interview with Islamist group leader Abu Mohammed al-Golani reveals the danger awaiting Syria's non-Muslim groups after Assad falls.

Arab Rioters Unveil New Weapon to Fight Security Forces Security forces called upon to disperse Palestinian riots in the Binyamin region discover a weapon other than rocks and firebombs.

In Ramallah, Abbas's top negotiator says they're running out of patience A day spent at the soccer club and with the security forces in the capital of the West Bank ends with a warning from Saeb Erekat.

Home Front Command drill simulating multiple-front conflict set to begin on Sunday Sirens to be sounded at 11:05 a.m. and 7:05 p.m. across the country.

Islamic State militants in Libya 'seize Sirte airport' Islamic State militants in Libya say they have seized the airport in the city of Sirte, as the group continues to make advances in the country.

Isis in Palmyra: Civilians forced to watch execution of 20 men at amphitheatre Isis rounded up civilians trapped in Palmyra and forced them to watch 20 people be executed in the historic city's ancient amphitheatre, a Syrian monitoring group has claimed.

Saudi Arabia Looks for New Executioners, Beginners Welcome Not Raqqa - Riyadh: Saudi government giving free training for aspiring executioners to carry out capital punishment under Sharia law.

* 'Not recognizing Israel as Jewish is anti-Semitic,' Pope says Francis also said to backtrack on statements attributed to him to the effect that Abbas is a "bit an angel of peace."

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Iranian cartoon features Netanyahu leading Islamic State New exhibition asked cartoonists to mock ISIS; among the works are cartoons criticizing US and Israel's 'help' in ISIS rise to power.

Sources: US defense aid to Israel to rise over Iran deal fears Israeli and American officials say they expect assistance to increase to more than $3.5 billion annually after 2017, possibly to assuage fears over nuclear deal.

Al Qaeda is Moderate? The West Isn't Buying It Nusra Front chief's rare TV interview meant to convince the West his group is a legitimate political actor in Syria - anyone believe him?

Iran and Turkey Spar over Syria No-fly Zone Turkey has demanded zone as condition to stage US-led airstrikes, but pro-Assad Iranian deputy FM says it would be 'a mistake.'

Muslim Scholars: Israel is "Root Cause" of all Islamic nations' failures Muslim clerics gathered in Beirut on Wednesday to kick off the Khomeinist International Union of Resistance conference, where "scholars" discussed how to stand up against the "cancerous tumor of Israel," according to reports from Lebanese and Iranian media outlets.

Despite gains, stalwart enemies may soon decide ISIS limits In both Iraq and Syria, Islamic State victories have also brought on more adamant opponents who have struck significant blows against the caliphate and carved out their own fiefdoms.

Drill Next Week Will Simulate Total War Israelis will practice bomb shelter routine on Tuesday, in drill simulating massive missile fire on population centers, infrastructures.

'Should the UK remain a member of the EU?' UK voters will be asked to decide if their country should remain in the EU, according to the bill setting out terms for the in/out referendum.

Revealed: British schoolgirls groomed by specialist Islamic State unit A senior female Islamic State commander who left the terror group has claimed it has a specialised social media grooming unit, where fighters work in shifts to radicalise vulnerable young people online.

Ya'alon: We Will Not Tolerate Threats to Israel Defense Minister says Israel's airstrike on terrorist infrastructures in Gaza makes clear it has no intention of ignoring rocket fire.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Iran Holds Anti-Islamic State Cartoon Contest Critics say event whitewashes Tehran's support for regional terrorism.

France won't sign Iran deal without military site inspections Foreign minister says international forces must have access to all facilities; supreme leader refuses to permit entry to sensitive sites.

IDF Drill Prepares for Terror Surge in Judea and Samaria Soldiers train for gamut of terror threats including mass marches on checkpoints, as IDF vows not to be 'caught off guard' again.

Military Drills Increase Globally- War Preparations in Progress? Joint and individual military exercise drills have proliferated across the globe over the past couple of months with no sign of these occurrences abating, if anything it appears as full steam ahead.

Archaeologist Slams 'Islamic Brutality on the Temple Mount' Archaeologist reveals ancient mosaic floor on Dome of Rock from Second Temple days damaged to degree as yet unknown.

Blair steps down after 8 years as Quartet envoy Former British PM will now, in an informal capacity, try to strengthen relations between Israel and Arab world as way to underpin peace process.

Same-sex marriage: Irish vote 'defeat for humanity' says Vatican official A landmark vote to allow same-sex marriage in the Republic of Ireland was a "defeat for humanity", a senior Vatican official has said.

When Baghdad Burned: The June 1941 Farhud Massacre The fusion of Nazism and Arab nationalism in the Middle East spelled unimaginable horror for Iraq's ancient Jewish community.

Turkish government majority unsure ahead of national poll In Turkey's general elections on June 7th, 19 parties will be competing for votes. These will include communists, liberals, Islamists and former ruling parties, to determine the composition of parliament for the next four years.

Syria Plays Up Ties with Iran, Russia Syrian Foreign Minister declares outright that Tehran, Moscow have been aiding regime forces, have 'same views.'

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Iraq starts operation to drive Islamic State from Anbar Pro-government forces in Iraq have formally launched an operation to drive Islamic State out of Anbar province.

US-China war 'inevitable' unless Washington drops demands over South China Sea Warning from state-run China newspaper as Beijing reveals plans for development of disputed South China Sea islands.

PM: Nuclear Iran 'A Thousand Times More Dangerous Than ISIS' As world powers reconvene talks with Iran ahead of next month's deadline for a deal over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned that a nuclear-armed Iran would be "a thousand times more dangerous" than ISIS.

The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs Ageing populations mean countries' debt piles risk growing out of control, warns European head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Delivery of Russian S-300 missiles to Iran 'to be done at the soonest opportunity possible' "The negotiations on the subject have ended in success," Abdollahian explained and noted personally, "I estimate that the S-300 delivery will take place in quite a short time."

Polish politics shaken after newcomer wins elections Conservative newcomer Andrzej Duda has won the presidential elections in Poland stunning the political establishment and setting the scene for cliff-hanger general elections later this year.

Syrian TV goes dark, Damascus points fingers at foreign enemies Syria TV, a 24-hour rolling news channel, flickered on and off and then issued a news flash, before going totally dark, saying that signals were being interrupted.

Issue of Holocaust memory highlighted in Polish election Poles have excellent record in facing treatment of Jews.

Netanyahu offers to resume peace talks with settlement focus, official says Western diplomat says PM told EU foreign policy chief talks should define West Bank areas in which Israel can continue building; another diplomat says this is just 'illusion of progress'.

Turkey's election likely to thwart Erdogan's power move, highlight autocratic trends Turkey's democratic credentials have suffered as Erdogan's has tightened his grip. 

Monday, May 25, 2015


Hezbollah seizes hills from al-Qaida in Syrian province bordering Israel Iranian-backed Hezbollah has backed Syrian President Bashar Assad in his country's civil war.

Iranian cartoon contest links US, Israel to ISIS The executive secretary of the contest says artists have the duty to raise public awareness about this group.

Memorial Day: A Fading Tradition of Shared National Experience Amongst the finest and most noble traditions of the American people is the commemoration of Memorial Day. 

Islamic State crisis: Iraq will take back Ramadi 'in days' - PM Abadi The Iraqi city of Ramadi could be taken back from Islamic State (IS) militants "in days", Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has told the BBC.

Israeli cooperation with nuclear ban treaty diplomats helped prevent bad outcome In recent days, the US vetoed an Egyptian-led drive on a possible Middle East nuclear weapons ban at a UN nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference.

Ex-IDF chief: Hezbollah knows price of a future war, so it won't start one Israel, Gantz said, "has no interests beyond the northern and southern borders, other than security interests. If we are challenged, we will know how to deal with it."

Saudi Arabia to build world's largest hotel in Mecca It is scheduled to open its doors in 2017. The estimated cost of the mammoth project is $3.5 billion.

Is the UK still a Christian country? Are we losing our religion? The answer for the UK seems to be "Yes", while the answer for the developing world is a resounding "No".

* 'Battle of humanity': Muslim scholars make desperate call to save Syria's Palmyra Before Islamic State hammers have a chance to fall on the ruins of Palmyra, a leading Sunni Muslim body is appealing one last time for people to unite 'in a battle of humanity' and save what UNESCO calls a historic city of 'outstanding universal value.'

European MPs Condemn PA After Watchdog Report Palestinian Media Watch report noting that PA is still paying terror salaries makes waves.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


ISIS expands its 'state' Moment has passed for US to recruit Sunnis to fight Jihadis, expert says.

US blocks nuclear disarmament document over Israel, Moscow fumes Washington has blocked the final document of a UN conference that reviewed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, accusing Egypt of manipulating the gathering to target Israel. 

Hezbollah sees no end to Syria war, Mideast at risk of partition Deputy leader of Islamist group says Assad cannot be defeated, America promoting partition of Iraq.

Iraq militias start fightback against IS in Ramadi About 3,000 militia members in Iraq have begun moving against Islamic State militants after the fall of the city of Ramadi last week, officials say.

Ireland same-sex referendum set to approve gay marriage Early results suggest the Republic of Ireland has voted to legalise same-sex marriage in a historic referendum.

Report: Israel offered Saudi Arabia use of its Iron Dome technology Rocket defense system was offered for Saudis to secure its border with Yemen.

The Jerusalem Post's 50 most influential Jews A list of influential Jewish figures who have impacted the world last year, and have the potential to affect change in years to come.

Palmyra: Islamic State locks down ancient city's museum Islamic State militants have locked Palmyra's museum and placed guards outside its doors, days after seizing the ancient city, Iraqi officials say.

New Issue of Isis Magazine: We can buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) claims it has access to nuclear weapons through the nation of Pakistan, according to an article by longtime ISIS captive John Cantlie in the latest issue of their official magazine, Dabiq.

Security and Defense: Israel closely eying the Syrian situation Senior defense sources discuss the implications of recent losses suffered by the Assad regime.

Friday, May 22, 2015


In interview, Obama tries to set terms for US-Israel ties In a trial run for Friday's address at a Washington synagogue, US president offers little reassurance to doubters.

Abbas: Israeli settlement expansion blocks any peace deal Palestinian president reiterates important of two states side by side; Peres: Majority of Israelis support two-state solution.

Caught between rebels and Islamic State, Assad losing more ground in Syria Islamic State pushes Syrian army from last stronghold on Iraqi border, while al-Nusra Front cements holds on Idlib, home to most of Assad's Alawite sect.

'Obama is Meddling in Israeli Internal Affairs' Minister Levin strikes back at Obama's criticism of PM, calls on West to wake up and realize 'Israel struggles alone for future of world.'

Senior security source: Massive arms deal with US 'not linked to Iran deal' Source denies linkage between $1.87 billion weapons sale, including bunker busters, and emerging agreement on Tehran's nuclear program.

Gaza unemployment world's highest as 60% of youth find themselves jobless While about 43% of PA's expenditures are spent in Gaza, only 13% of its revenues come from Gaza.

Israel exported 5.66 billion dollars of defense goods in 2014 Asia Pacific was region with most Israeli defense product purchases.

Saudi Arabia attack: Islamic State claims Shia mosque bombing The Islamic State (IS) group says it was behind a suicide bombing on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia that killed at least 10 people.

Islamic State 'seizes key Syria-Iraq border crossing' Islamic State militants have seized the last Syrian government-controlled border crossing between Syria and Iraq, a Syria monitoring group says.

Yes or No? Ireland decides whether to legalize gay marriage Voters in once staunchly Catholic Ireland were deciding Friday whether to legalize gay marriage in what the government's equality minister called "a referendum like no other."

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Monitor: Islamic State controls half of Syrian territory Advance into central city of Palmyra is Islamic State's first takeover directly from Syrian military and allied forces.

Muslim Brotherhood becoming more violent and radical, expert tells 'Post' Egyptian expert to "Post": The Brotherhood will probably continue its long tradition of double-talk, speaking of democracy in English while emphasizing "jihad" in Arabic.

Iran threatens '80,000 rockets at Tel Aviv and Haifa' over distorted Ya'alon comment Iran's UN envoy also mistook the exaggerated statements for real and issued a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Exclusive: China warns U.S. surveillance plane The Chinese navy issued warnings eight times as a U.S. surveillance plane on Wednesday swooped over islands that Beijing is using to extend its zone of influence.

Hezbollah: We'll Apply Strategies in Syria to Conquer Galilee Hezbollah officials say battle against Syrian rebels in Qalamoun a dress rehearsal for next war with Israel.

Iranian politician says country to unveil its own "S-300" missile system Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal: We'll check Iran's imperial ambitions in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Islamic State seizes Syria's ancient Palmyra Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria have entered the Unesco World Heritage site of Palmyra after seizing the town next to the ancient ruins, reports say.

Europe seeks new influence in peace talks In Jerusalem, Federica Mogherini announces new EU peace envoy, who will live in Jerusalem full-time.

In final days, Bin Laden urged followers to kill Jews Amidst an increasingly broken infrastructure, al-Qaeda chief remained committed to attacks on Westerners, including Jewish targets, documents show.

Section of ancient Jerusalem aqueduct uncovered 21-kilometer water pipe was used intermittently for two millennia until electric-powered system installed last century.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Obama set to speed arms, training to Iraq tribes after rout Following capture of key city of Ramadi by Islamic State forces, Washington wants to see a swift counter-attack.

Apocalyptic skies return above Chile after second volcano erupts More astonishing images of a volcanic eruption have emerged from Chile, this time from Villarrica in southern Chile.

U.S. Weighing Punishments for Russia's Nuclear Violations The Obama administration is considering a range of options to respond to Russia's ongoing violation of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty. Part of the response could involve deploying new U.S. weapons to Eastern Europe.

Ukraine's Poroshenko talks of 'real war' with Russia Ukraine's president has told the BBC his country is now in a "real war" with Russia - and that Ukrainians should prepare for a Russian offensive.

Anti-Semitic imagery on sale in Moscow hotels Simon Wiesenthal Center demands that Russia take legal measures against producers and distributors of neo-Nazi products sold in Holiday Inn and Hilton gift shops.

Christians in the Middle East rank high on Peoples Under Threat list The risk for Christians noted to be especially high in Iraq.

Existence of Jewish people "in doubt" due to low conversion rate, report finds More than 50% of former Soviet Union conversion candidates drop out, according to Israel Democracy Institute report.

Islamic State 'closes in' on Syria's Palmyra Islamic State militants are reported to have seized a third of the Syrian town next to Palmyra, one of the Middle East's greatest archaeological sites.

Gates: "We don't have a strategy at all" in Middle East Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates declared "we don't have a strategy at all" in the Middle East on Tuesday's "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

Pentagon intelligence report warning of Benghazi attack was circulating on day it happened At the very time President Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other top leaders were blaming spontaneous protests for the deadly Benghazi attack, the Defense Department broadly circulated a detailed intelligence report that said an Al Qaida-linked group planned the assault 10 days beforehand.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Jordan Rejects Syrian Accusations of 'Training Terrorists' Accusation by Assad regime that Amman is supporting 'terrorist groups' including Nusra Front have 'no basis in reality,' says kingdom.

China could crash US dollar with 30,000 tons of gold China has the ability to crash the unstable US dollar with 30,000 tons of gold reserves, says Chinese economic observer Jin Zihou.

Iran uses maritime confrontations to project power in Gulf As conflict in Yemen devolves further into a proxy war with Saudi Arabia, Iran disturbs shipping lanes to the concern of the EU and US.

Netanyahu: Radical Islam is Knocking on All Our Borders During official ministerial ceremony at presidential residence, PM Netanyahu pledges to protect Israel, uphold the trust of the electorate.

Ramadi battle: IS prepares to defend seized Iraqi city Islamic State militants are preparing to defend the Iraqi city of Ramadi, witnesses say, as Iranian-backed militiamen gather east of the city.

Canadian editor: Some of the nicest people I ever met are Nazis Nothing wrong with being a Nazi, says editor of paper accused of anti-Semitism.

Europe wants central role in Middle East peace, Mogherini says EU foreign policy chief says she is eager to leverage Europe's position to step in after US failure to make progress last year; she will meet with Netanyahu and Abbas this week.

EU countries agree boat-sinking operation EU countries have agreed to launch a military operation to sink migrant smugglers' boats.

Israel and Hamas Reportedly Conducting Secret Face-to-Face Talks Reports describe a series of ongoing talks between Israeli and Hamas leaders in Europe.

Netanyahu: Jerusalem won't be divided again PM says capital won't go back to being a border town, asserts right to build responsibly; Herzog says his policies are splitting the city.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Netanyahu: The answer to terror attacks is continued Jerusalem construction Erdan urges PM to stop talking of building, and actually build in the capital, while Bennett tells world: 'Jerusalem is our soul, and you don't divide a soul'.

Ramadi battle: Shia militias near IS-held Iraqi city Shia militias are assembling east of the Iraqi city of Ramadi to prepare for a counter-attack against Islamic State militants who captured it on Sunday.

Militias, ISIS Amass for Shia-Sunni Showdown in Iraq's Ramadi Militias, ISIS Amass for Shia-Sunni Showdown in Iraq's Ramadi.

ISIS 'Conquers Rome' - On Twitter Photos purport to show jihadist gloating at various landmarks, following numerous reports ISIS is trying to infiltrate Italy.

Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners as beheading rate soars Jobs classified as "religious functionaries" at lower end of civil service scale.

EU backs migrant crisis naval force EU ministers have approved plans to establish a naval force to combat people-smugglers operating from Libya.

Why Saudi Arabia has lost faith in the US One key sentence in President Barack Obama's press conference at Camp David last week clearly illustrates the gulf between Washington and its allies on the Arabian Peninsula when it comes to Iran.

US biker shoot-out: Warring bike gangs around the world Nine people have been killed and nearly 200 arrested after one of the worst episodes of biker gang violence.

While US scales back Mideast peace goals, Europeans talk of re-launching diplomacy On eve of regional visit, EU foreign policy chief says coming with message that European Union is ready to support a restart of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. .

In Google, There is No Israel Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and American actress Natalie Portman were, according to Google, born in Palestine, not Israel.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


US special forces kill senior ISIS commander in Syria raid Pentagon confirms rare raid by US special forces kills Abu Sayyaf while Syrian state media reported earlier that Assad forces killed a top commander who they identified as Abu al-Teem al-Saudi.

Israel and Iran's mutual friend Azerbaijan insists that it is neutral when it comes to its warring allies, maintaining firm ties in Moscow and Washington, Jerusalem and Tehran.

Chlorine Emerges As Brutal Weapon of War in Syria First used in World War I, gas causes victims to suffer from 'dry land drowning'.

Russia Says It Can Deploy Nuclear Arms to Crimea Russia's envoy to the NATO alliance said on Friday that Moscow will bolster military forces in occupied Ukraine, and is not banned from deploying nuclear arms in Crimea.

Islamic State Terror Handbook Trains Western Jihadis To Avoid Capture Affiliates of the Islamic State terror group are distributing a new handbook aimed to help Western jihadis avoid capture by the police and train them to clandestinely build bombs and transport weapons, according to a review of the guide, which is being distributed across the Internet as an e-book.

Iran will protect Palestinians, other 'oppressed' people in Middle East, Khamenei says An increasingly tense standoff between Iran and Saudi Arabia has added a sectarian dimension to regional conflicts.

Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's ex-leader, sentenced to death An Egyptian court has pronounced death sentences on ousted president Mohammed Morsi and more than 100 other people over a mass prison break in 2011.

Islamic State crisis: Iraq sends troops to Ramadi Iraq is sending military reinforcements to the city of Ramadi, a day after Islamic State (IS) militants seized key buildings there.

Pope calls Abbas 'angel of peace' during Vatican visit Francis meets with PA chief after Holy See's decision to acknowledge Palestinian state angers Jerusalem.

Church of Scotland votes to allow gay ministers in civil partnerships The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has voted to allow congregations to ordain gay ministers who are in same sex civil partnerships.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Netanyahu: Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get to Work Netanyahu reveals aims of the next gov't. On the agenda: security, social welfare, domestic and regional development - and peace talks?

'Demographic War With the Jews' Some 6.1 million Palestinian Arabs live between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, 100,000 less than the number of Jews who live in the same area.

Who's who in Netanyahu's 2015 government A rundown of the distribution of portfolios in the new cabinet.

Army on high alert as "Nakba Day" rallies turn violent 17 Palestinians wounded in clashes with IDF in West Bank; protests in Jerusalem, Gaza, Lebanon mark the "catastrophe" of the establishment of Israel.

Knesset Approves New Coalition, Ministers Sworn In Knesset approves Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's new coalition by a vote of 61 to 59.

Islamic State crisis: Militants seize Ramadi stronghold Islamic State militants have seized the main government building in Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's largest province.

Iran navy fires shots at tanker as tensions rise in Gulf Iranian naval vessels fired shots at a Singapore-flagged tanker in the Gulf on Thursday, in what appeared to be Iran's latest attempt to settle a legal dispute by force with passing commercial vessels, U.S. officials said.

Hamas: UK Should Pay Us Reparations for Israel's Existence Britain should pay Palestinians reparations, aid Hamas in terrorizing Israel, Hamas officials claim.

Watch: European Rabbis Discuss Anti-Semitism Leading European rabbis discuss what they think needs to be done in order to combat the growing anti-Semitism in the continent.

Islamic State claims audio message from elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has not been seen for months amid reports he was seriously injured in coalition airstrike.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hosting rare summit, Obama pitches Iran accord to Arab powers Arab powers want written assurances from US president after framework agreement with Iran leaves much of its nuclear infrastructure intact.

European Anti-Semitism 'Has Reached Critical Mass,' Expert Warns With Jews murdered in Europe with increasing frequency, ADL head Abraham Foxman says anti-Semitism levels the worst since 1930s.

White House Concerned Over Syrian Chemical Weapons White House concerned over the fact that undeclared traces of chemical weapons were found in Syria.

Iranian official says Saudi king 'traitor to Islam,' iterates support for Assad "He should be called the traitor of the Islamic nation and against all the teachings," Iranian official says.

RAF jets scrambled to intercept Russian bombers A number of RAF jets have been scrambled to intercept a Russian bomber, the latest in a series of provocative operations by the country's air force.

Israel says it foiled Palestinian terror attack in east Jerusalem Three suspects and a minor were arrested for allegedly plotting an attack on security guards in Silwan.

Hamas: ISIS has no foothold in the Gaza Strip, only exists on Internet Hamas officials insist that the presence of ISIS only exist on social media and the internet.

Europe rapidly becoming fertile recruiting field for Islamic State Many European countries are part of the American-led coalition which has also failed to effectively halt the progress of Islamic State.

European Anti-Semitism 'Has Reached Critical Mass,' Expert Warns With Jews murdered in Europe with increasing frequency, ADL head Abraham Foxman says anti-Semitism levels the worst since 1930s.

Report: Egypt to buy S-300 air defense system from Russia Israeli intelligence official says Jewish state not concerned by weapons deal, as Cairo is not viewed as enemy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Netanyahu: Nuclear talks continue even as official says Iran has God's approval to destroy Israel PM speaks at Knesset ceremony marking 70 years since the Soviet victory over the Nazis.

Official: Hezbollah Hiding 100,000 Rockets in Civilian Areas Military intelligence official states that Iran's funding of the terror group heightens threat of another war, warns of civilian casualties.

O'Reilly: Christianity's Decline in America Could Lead to Collapse Like Roman Empire During his 'Talking Points Memo' segment on Tuesday, 'The O'Reilly Factor' host Bill O'Reilly explained that Americans have changed their stance on a number of issues, including immigration and Christianity and that has been to the detriment of the United States.

Islamic State deputy leader 'killed in Iraq air strike' The second-in-command of Islamic State (IS) has been killed in a US-led coalition air strike in northern Iraq, the Iraqi ministry of defence says.

Vatican recognizes state of Palestine in new treaty Jerusalem says move not conducive to peace, will consider 'next steps' after Holy See announcement ahead of weekend meeting between pope, Abbas.

'We will return even if we have to wait another 67 years' says 'Nakba Day' protestor Hamas tells protestors in Gaza that "resistance" is the only way to achieve the "right of return."

Speaking to WWII veterans, Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazis Hinting at 1938 Munich agreement, Netanyahu calls on world powers not to make concessions to regimes with genocidal ambitions
Iran threatens war if 'aid ship' to Yemen attacked Tehran says vessel, escorted by warships, contains 2,500 tons of humanitarian supplies; US warns against 'provocative actions'.

Pro-ISIS hackers threaten US, Europe, Australia with 'electronic war' A hacker group claiming Islamic State affiliation has released a video threatening 'electronic war' against the US, Europe, and Australia. 

Obama sees 'difficult path' in renewing Israel-Palestinian talks "The United States is taking a hard look at our approach to the conflict," Obama said in an interview with 'Asharq al-Awsat'.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Obama summit with Gulf leaders to focus on 'aggressive' Iran, Saudi FM says "We see Iranian support for terrorist organizations and facilitating the work of terrorist organizations," FM Adel al-Jubeir says.

Nepal earthquake: Dozens die in new tremor near Everest A major earthquake has struck eastern Nepal, near Mount Everest, two weeks after more than 8,000 people died in a devastating quake.

Syrian army, Hezbollah advancing in border area against jihadists Al-Qaida's Nusra Front in the Qalamoun region promises to 'eradicate' Islamic State 'because there is no longer any other option.'

Merkel to Rivlin: Nuclear agreement unlikely to be reached with Iran German chancellor reiterates Germany's commitment to Israel's security in meeting with President Rivlin.

Syria crisis: Turkey and Saudi Arabia shock Western countries by supporting anti-Assad jihadists Joint approach by Turkey and Saudi Arabia graphically illustrates how the interests of the Sunni regional powers are diverging from those of the US in Syria.

Ukraine crisis: John Kerry meets Putin in Russia US Secretary of State John Kerry has been meeting President Vladimir Putin during his first visit to Russia since the Ukraine crisis began in early 2014.

Iraq: IS demolishes ruins to cover up looting New evidence shows Islamic group's destruction of historical treasures hides its theft of priceless artifacts.

Survey Shows Quarter of US Jews Leaving Their Faith Poll reveals interesting data about US religious groups; Jews the largest minority but losing to intermarriage; Christians doing the worst.

Report: Iran Funding Shi'ite Religious Centers in Gaza Centers tasked to spread Shi'ite Islam reportedly with Hamas approval, placing Gaza in a precarious position with Sunni allies.

Netanyahu to returning Nepal delegation: We may need to send you back "I know that you are always prepared for the next mission wherever it may be and according to the news, that chance may be upon us," PM says.

Monday, May 11, 2015


China Preparing for Drone Warfare China's military plans to produce nearly 42,000 land-based and sea-based unmanned weapons and sensor platforms as part of its continuing, large-scale military buildup, the Pentagon's annual report on the People's Liberation Army (PLA) disclosed Friday.

Report claims thorough deception from White House on bin Laden raid Seymour Hersh claims "blatant lies" in White House account of his killing, noting Pakistani involvement; White House calls entire report "baseless."

Media fine with anti-Christian art but deems 'Draw Mohammed' contest 'provocative' Many media outlets have spent more time condemning Pamela Geller's 'draw Mohammed' contest as unnecessarily provocative and 'hate speech' and less time condemning the jihadists who planned to massacre the attendees at the Texas event.

Israel Initiates Christian Mission Israel has initiated a mission intended to raise up a generation of Christian leaders who will support Israel. 

Saudi King to skip Obama's regional summit as protest over Iran deal "The conspiracy theorists of old have been proven right. The US creates threats for us and then offers us more weapons systems. 

Iran promotes blood libel against the Jews Throughout the 1930s, Hitler groomed his culture and his continent for unspeakable savagery... Today Iran is doing the same thing.

EU seeks UN support to tackle migrant smuggling EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has pleaded for UN help to dismantle criminal groups smuggling migrants into the European Union.

European Leaders to Take Part in Major Rabbinical Conference Conference of European Rabbis to hold massive conference next week, attended by leading rabbis, politicians from Europe and Israel.

Experts Warn ISIS is Defeating America Online Experts tell Senate the US is losing against the online recruitment war, as senator calls paltry US efforts 'laughable.'

Waiting for Cameron Both sides have something at stake. Cameron doesn't want to be the man who led the UK out of the EU and the EU would be severely diminished by a UK exit.

Saturday, May 09, 2015


Russia stages massive WW2 parade despite Western boycott Russia has staged its biggest military parade, marking 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two.

'Dozens dead' and many escape in Iraq prison break At least 30 prisoners and 10 guards have been killed in a prison break in Iraq, as more than 50 other inmates escaped, officials and police say.

UK election results: David Cameron pledges a 'greater Britain' David Cameron has promised to lead a government for "one nation" and make "Great Britain greater" as he returned to Downing Street as prime minister.

New Arab Site Erases Temple Mount's Jewish Nature Website by Palestinian Arab journalists warps history from Islamic perspective to claim Mount is exclusive property of Islam.

Israel's Epic Rise to Global Powerhouse The State of Israel, and Jewish civilization around the world, are experiencing a historical Golden Age they must amplify, says historian.

PHOTO GALLERY: Russia celebrates victory over Nazi Germany with parade in Red Square Though Western leaders stayed away, Putin was joined under the Kremlin's walls by about 30 foreign leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, sitting on his right-hand side.

Obama to meet Saudi king over Iran deal, Yemen Salman flies to Washington for discussions; by contrast, president won't meet Netanyahu until after June 30 deadline for nuclear deal.

How did Abraham get from Mesapotamia to the Promised Land? Solutions to this and other ancient mysteries abound at Jerusalem's Bible Lands Museum.

Iranian Commander: We Won't Rest Until US is an Islamic Republic Opposition releases clip in which Revolutionary Guards commander vows: regardless of nuclear deal, hostility with US will continue.

Senior Palestinian official: US, EU pressuring PA to renew peace talks with Israel EU ambassador to Israel says that there is a growing desperation about the lack of progress between Israel and the Palestinians.

Friday, May 08, 2015


Russia boosts military might despite sanctions Russia's 9 May military parade in Red Square has added significance this year.

UK election results: David Cameron pledges a 'greater Britain' David Cameron has promised to lead a government for "one nation" and make "Great Britain greater" as he returned to Downing Street as prime minister.

Syria: Fierce Assaults Poise ISIS to Conquer Military Airports Assad continues to lose key battles, as ISIS forces seize key positions around airports on way to bagging another province.

Arab Forces Vow to Target Houthi Leaders ISIS-linked Salafist group in Gaza threatens to kill 'one by one' all Hamas personnel in retaliation for arrests of some 40 of its members.

Concerns of Muslim Immigration Surge into Western World Come into Focus The Muslim immigration warnings offered by Dutch politician Geert Wilders 'who was in the facility in Garland, Texas, that was attacked by terrorists last weekend' seem to be coming true.

Rogue Russian spacecraft burns up in Earth's atmosphere The Russian space agency says that its out-of-control spacecraft has burnt up as it re-entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Moderate Palestinians? It's a Bad Joke Think there's a 'moderate' element to the Palestinian Authority leadership? Think again.

New Government to Legalize Jewish Buildings in Judea-Samaria Coalition deal between Likud and Jewish Home establishes team to arrange legality of buildings and neighborhoods.

Thursday, May 07, 2015


US may sell Saudis bombs once only offered to Israel - report Possible bunker buster sale, along with offering F-35s to UAE, reportedly being weighed as part of American effort to allay regional fears of Iran deal.

Report: Hamas Set to Conduct Paragliding Attacks Against Israel Hamas is recruiting Palestinian students in Malaysia to carry out attacks on Israel using paragliding equipment, a report said.

IDF Begins Integrating Robots Into Ground Forces Israel is already a world leader in the research, production and military integration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

ISIS Threatens to Declare War on Hamas ISIS-linked Salafist group in Gaza threatens to kill 'one by one' all Hamas personnel in retaliation for arrests of some 40 of its members.

ISIS Launches Fresh Offensive at Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery Pro-government forces having a hard time dislodging Islamic State fighters from Baiji oil refinery near Mosul.

The dawn of artificial intelligence Powerful computers will reshape humanity's future. How to ensure the promise outweighs the perils.

IDF to follow up on claims of Gaza tunnel under kibbutz After private firm concludes subterranean activity below Nirim, army agrees to conduct investigation.

Obama 'looks forward' to working with new Netanyahu government, White House says US president congratulates Israel, PM on formation of new coalition.

Election 2015: Millions vote in UK general election After six weeks of campaigning and debate, people have been casting their vote at around 50,000 polling stations.

Saeb Erekat slams Netanyahu's new 'government of war' Calling coalition extreme, Erekat says it will be counteractive to "peace and stability" in region.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015


BREAKING NEWS Netanyahu caves to Jewish Home, finalizing 61-strong coalition Ayelet Shaked, 39 and two years in politics, set to be justice minister; PM will keep foreign minister's job open, in hopes of wooing Herzog.

Iranian Commander: We Won't Rest Until US is an Islamic Republic Opposition releases clip in which Revolutionary Guards commander vows: regardless of nuclear deal, hostility with US will continue.

Britain and Nato launch biggest war games on Russia's doorstep as tensions grow Anti-submarine and Estonia land exercises under way amid fears Russia could have Baltic states in its sights

Report: Iranian Navy Chases After U.S. Warships Iran pursues U.S. in Gulf of Aden, Iranian media claims

HAMAS worse than Jews, says ISIS in Gaza A group calling itself Supporters of the Islamic State in Jerusalem has continued to challenge the Gaza-ruling Palestinian entity Hamas. The ISIS-linked Salafists are attempting to stir enough discontent in the Palestinian territory to pose a challenge to the rival jihadi outfit.

ISIS POSTS WARNING: "We Have 71 Trained Soldiers in 15 States" - Names 5 Targets The terrorist group says they will murder Pamela Geller and kill anyone who shields her. The terrorists also say they have 71 fighters in 15 different states and they 23 have signed up already for missions like the failed Sunday attack in Garland, Texas.

France urges Palestinians not to execute suspects in Arafat's death The case is now being reviewed by French prosecutors who have three months to either close the case or take it to court.

Sudan denies attack after "foreign" planes said to hit military site Witnesses claim jets hitting area near Khartoum may have been Israeli, but army spokesman says no strike, though anti-aircraft fire used on object in sky.

5-star resort opens for ISIS supporters in Iraq It may look like any other top resort in Iraq, but the Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul has one major difference. It is the first 5-star hotel for Islamic State jihadists. It includes a swimming pool and tennis court- but no bar.

Some 600 Al Qaeda Terrorists Flee to Somalia from War-Torn Yemen Kerry in Mogadishu offers support to resist terrorist influx.

Israelis to pay homage to Red Army victory over Nazi Germany According to Yad Vashem, some 1.5 million Jews served in the various allied armies during the war.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Iran's allies, not atoms, preoccupy Israeli generals Western diplomats believe the IDF is focused on Iran's proxies, particularly Hezbollah, as intelligence official says the Lebanese militia is the only entity that could launch surprise attack.

Saudi shakeup is good news for Iran as Obama prevails in Kingdom power struggle Saudi Arabia's leadership succession restructuring and Cabinet reshuffle on April 29, offered important clues for the strategic shape of the region in the coming few years, and these may not be positive for the Kingdom.

Oldest complete copy of Ten Commandments goes on display in Israel Part of 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls, fragile biblical manuscript has never before been shown here.

Russian polls reveal rising economic concerns, but Putin's popularity soars Two new opinion polls indicate that concern is growing among Russians that sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union in response to the Ukraine crisis could trigger financial upheaval in their country.

Syria conflict: Aleppo civilians suffer 'unthinkable atrocities' Civilians in Syria's second city of Aleppo are suffering unthinkable atrocities, Amnesty International says.

IS says it was behind US Prophet cartoon attack Islamic State (IS) has said that it was behind the attack on a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in the US state of Texas.

EU holds its breath ahead of UK vote Have you ever been at a social gathering where you suddenly throw out a question that leads to an uncomfortably long silence?

In assuring Israel on Iran, Kerry references upgraded bunker-buster Newly improved 30,000-pound bomb that can take out nuclear site has not been provided to IDF.

N. Korea Submarine Missile Allows Covert Nuclear Strike on US Regime tests nuclear-capable missile from underwater for first time, as officials blame Obama for allowing 'tragedy.'

France, Saudi Arabia: Iran Deal Must Not Destabilize Region France and Saudi Arabia present united front, say future deal between Iran and six major powers must not destabilize the region further.

Monday, May 04, 2015


Israel's Epic Rise to Global Powerhouse The State of Israel, and Jewish civilization around the world, are experiencing a historical Golden Age they must amplify, says historian.

Former IDF chief Gantz: Hezbollah turned living rooms into missile rooms The use of asymmetrical warfare by terrorist create new challenges for IDF and militaries around the world.

Dallas Prophet cartoon attack: Suspected gunman 'named' Authorities have identified one of the suspected gunmen who attacked an event in Dallas on cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, US media say.

Former terror suspect well known to the FBI is named as one of two gunmen shot dead by cops after attack on anti-Islam 'draw Muhammad' art contest near Dallas Simpson was convicted of lying to federal agents about traveling to Africa five years ago - but a judge ruled it could not be proved that he was going to join a terror group.

New Arab Site Erases Temple Mount's Jewish Nature Website by Palestinian Arab journalists warps history from Islamic perspective to claim Mount is exclusive property of Islam.

Panic on the streets of Riyadh Analysis: The recent upheaval in the Saudi leadership is a sign of uncertainty - over Iran, the US and the Islamic terror groups.

IDF Trains for the Challenges Ahead Israel desires peace, both for itself and its neighbors. Sadly, since her rebirth 67 years ago, Israel has been forced to repeatedly defend herself against an incessant campaign to harm and destroy the Jewish state.

Edelstein: We Are On the Brink of Civil War Knesset Speaker warns of imminent social crisis at opening summer session as Ethiopian protests against discrimination set to continue.

Mortar Strike in Golan Heights Injures UN Soldiers Two wounded after mortar fire from Syria hits Israeli side of Golan Heights.

Merkel: World Must Never Ignore Anti-Semites, Israel-Haters German Chancellor leads moving ceremony at the site of Dachau concentration camp, marking 70 years since its liberation.

Saturday, May 02, 2015


Muslim cleric: Jews 'malignant tumor' that 'can only be treated by eradication' This is not what the world considers hate speech. What the world considers hate speech is opposing this.

Israel's aid team to Nepal larger than any other country's Field hospital begins work; nearly 2,000 Israelis evacuated since Saturday; just one Israeli remains unaccounted for.

Israel's military edge at risk as Obama 'scrambles' to placate Arab fears on Iran deal. NY Times says US could sell F-35s to UAE three years after Israel gets them, may offer Gulf allies defense pacts, joint training, upgraded status.

'If Iranians Decide to Be Stupid, We'll Respond' US Navy begins to accompany US ships in Hormuz Straits, following Iran's seizure of a Marshall Islands-flagged ship this week.

Russia Conducts Nuclear Bomber Flight Near Alaska Two Russian nuclear-capable bombers intruded into the U.S. air defense zone near Alaska last week in the latest saber rattling by Moscow, defense officials said.

Persecution of Christians in China at record high Scholars estimate that by the year 2030, Christians in China will exceed the number of Christians in the United States, thus making China the largest Christian nation in the world.

Report: ISIS leader sidelined by spinal injury, possibly spurring appointment of new caliph The jihadist organization, in control of vast swathes of Iraq as well as Syria, is now under the leadership of Abu Alaa al-Afri, a former physics teacher and al-Qaida veteran.

Germans cannot turn backs on Nazi past, Merkel says "There's no drawing a line under the history," Merkel said, dismissing a yearning that many post-war generations of Germans harbor.

Jihadists at the border: Operatives loyal to ISIS seen near the Golan Heights Israel is tracking the events beyond the border, but IDF refuses to respond to foreign reports it has reinforced its presence in the area.

Islamic State demands $23 million for Christian hostages They're acting in full accord with Islamic law. Here is a salient passage on this issue from a Shafi'i manual of Islamic law: