Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Russia, Egypt set to sign deal for nuclear plant, Jordan as leaders visit Moscow Egypt's Sisi, Jordan's King Abdullah, and Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan are in Russia for talks.

Palestinians want to raise flag at UN headquarters As non-member observer states, Palestinians seek to raise their flag, as well as that of the Vatican, at UN ahead of pope's visit; Palestinians betting US, Israel won't block plan in fear of risking offending the Holy See.

Alleged stove-piping in US-led anti-ISIS campaign investigated The US-led anti- Islamic State campaign in Iraq and Syria has allegedly been skewed, with intelligence assessments presented in an increasingly optimistic manner, while real success in defeating the jihadists is still out-of-sight after one year.

Where IS attacks on Jordan fail, its ideology seeps through Despite strong border defense, Islamic State's radical ideas pose a threat to the Western-backed Hashemite Kingdom.

China market slump: Shares end lower despite rate cut Chinese shares have closed lower despite a fresh rate cut by the central bank.

What's really behind American Airlines' cancellation of the Tel Aviv-Philadelphia route? The airline says the decision is financial, but 'TheMarker,' claimed the decision was political.

May the force be with you? Turkey fears rise of religion of 'Jediism' According to the Turkish daily 'Hurriyet', a university professor wrote an article in official state-sanctioned media warning of the rise of a Jedi movement among Christians.

Ten Terror Attacks Per Day in Old Jerusalem Alone The statistic includes only the Old City area - which means the full numbers are much worse.

Palestinian War: Thousands of 'Refugees' Displaced in Lebanon UNRWA reports up to 3,000 displaced as 'refugee camp' gun battles between Fatah and Jund al-Sham spin out of control.

Greece offers 'war relief' to Greek-origin Ukrainians Greece has said it would give special treatment to Greek-origin Ukrainians on the front line who want to resettle in the EU.