Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Connecting with God He is always looking out for us and always ready to show us His love. All we need to do is connect.

Putin absolves Israel in downing of spy plane, but warns PM: Don't let it recur In call, Netanyahu expresses sorrow for deaths, hails security coordination; Putin says Israel attack breached Syrian sovereignty, but blames 'tragic circumstances' for plane loss.

Theresa May Stands with Israel: Warns No Excuse for Anti-Semitism or Boycotts British Prime Minister Theresa May told leaders of the UK's Jewish community on Monday there can be no excuses for anti-Semitism or "unacceptable" calls to boycott Israeli goods.

Too Close For Comfort: China's Growing Presence In Israel Analysts are raising red flags about a Chinese company's upcoming takeover of a seaport in Haifa bay, not far from Israel's fleet of nuclear submarines.

Police Detain 5 Shabab al-Aksa Activists on Temple Mount Special security measures in place for Yom Kippur.

Brussels Edition: Bracing for Bannon After managing a campaign that catapulted Donald Trump into the White House, Steve Bannon is bringing his services to Europe this week.

How a no-deal Brexit could cripple Britain As the UK edges dangerously close towards leaving the EU without an agreement, the once-unthinkable prospect of a no-deal Brexit has become an increasingly realistic one.

These 5 Countries Show How the European Far-Right Is Growing in Power Across Europe, populism is growing on both the left and the right-but it has much more momentum on the right.

ISIS Is Poised to Make a Comeback in Syria Religious extremists will try to inherit the energy of the all-but-defeated rebellion, just as they did in Iraq after the surge.

Allowing Iran's land bridge to Syria - an Israeli mistake like ignoring Egyptian and Syrian 1973 war preparations Marking the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed never to repeat Israel's mistake of not ordering a pre-emptive attack.