Wednesday, December 26, 2018


2018: Top Natural Phenomena Heralding the Messiah When God created the world, the Bible refers to him as "Elohim", the name that Torah scholars associate with judgment and nature.

Russia accuses Israel of 'gross violation' of Syrian sovereignty Moscow condemns alleged Israeli airstrike on Hezbollah leaders in Damascus.

Netanyahu: We Stand Firm Against Iran in Syria Despite Trump's Decision Hours after attack near Damascus Netanyahu said Israel acting against Iranian entrenchment in Syria 'during these days'.

The War in Syria: Turkish forces bolster troops ahead of Syria op Turkish forces have bolstered their troop numbers in northern Syria after Ankara announced it would start a military operation there.

Christmas is a "Palestinian symbol" and "Jesus was the first Palestinian," says senior Fatah leader For years, the Palestinian Authority and Fatah have presented Jesus as a Palestinian, as part of its fabricating an ancient Palestinian history.

'Prepared to counter any threat': Russia's top 10 military events of 2018 The outgoing year of 2018 was marked by large-scale maneuvers, military exercises, launches and advances in terms of military equipment.

Tending to Israel's Relationship with Russia The defeat of ISIS, the emergence of Russia as the patron of the Assad regime, and President Trump's announcement of the withdrawal of US forces from Syria have affected the policies and alliances of Israel, Iran, the US, and Russia with respect to that country, potentially leading to a wide-scale conflagration.

Abbas: Palestinians ready to enter peace process based on UN resolutions PA president makes comment after pope says he hopes Israelis and Palestinians will renew dialogue; Israeli official says Jewish state has repeatedly declared willingness to talk.

US Pullout from Syria: Who Will Fill the Vacuum? "What Turkey is going to do is unleash holy hell on the Kurds. In the eyes of Turkey, they're more of a threat than ISIS. So this decision is a disaster." - U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

IDF Raises Alert Level as Hamas Threatens Renewed Attacks Israeli forces shot and killed three Palestinians, including a teenager, in the Gaza Strip during the latest of weekly protests organized by Hamas along the border with Israel on Friday, Palestinian health officials said.