Wednesday, July 07, 2021


 Israel, UAE economic ties falter as US freezes Abraham fund It was the fourth mission into CENTCOM's area of operation in the last two months and the first deployment of the heavy bomber since Abu Dhabi is confused and awaiting the results of the development of relations with Tel Aviv.

PM Bennett Reminds Biden: America Founded on Principles of Bible Newly appointed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed the 4th of July gathering at the US Embassy in Jerusalem marking the 245th anniversary of the USA declaring its independence, noting that the US was founded on Biblical principles, binding it to Israel as an ally in prophecy.

'China Urges Global Campaign Against ‘Biggest’ Global Cybersecurity Threat: America The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday called for an international effort to tackle “the biggest threat to global cybersecurity,” the United States.

Iran takes steps to make enriched uranium metal; U.S., Europe powers dismayed Iran has begun the process of producing enriched uranium metal, the U.N. atomic watchdog said on Tuesday, a move that could help it develop a nuclear weapon and that three European powers said threatened talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

European powers warn Iran over enriched uranium metal production Iran has begun the process of producing enriched uranium metal, it has told the global nuclear watchdog.

China and Russia: A New Vision for Central Asia The Kremlin’s fixation on competing with the West might cost Russia dearly, as its clout in Central Asia is under strain from a rising China.

Following British warship incident, Moscow warns next foreign power to violate Black Sea borders ‘will get a punch in the nose’ Provocateurs who play games in the Black Sea risk “getting punched in the nose.” That’s according to Russia’s deputy foreign minister, who has called on foreign ships to respect the country’s borders or face severe consequences.

Europe must act to stop Assad, Syrian opposition group tells Euronews A Syrian opposition group told Euronews that Europe should exert further pressure on the Syrian regime after our network reported that several European Union countries - including Cyprus, Greece and Hungary - had recently reopened their embassies in Damascus.

In Tehran Talks, Iran Offers Help to Resolve Afghan Crisis Iran on Wednesday told Taliban and Afghan government representatives it stood ready to help end the crisis in Afghanistan, urging the country's people and politicians to make "difficult decisions" about its future.

Why Palestinian Leaders Are Really Inciting Violence Against Israel The Palestinian Authority (PA), facing growing criticism over the death of Palestinian anti-corruption political activist Nizar Banat, is trying to redirect the anger on the Palestinian street toward Israel.