Monday, February 01, 2016


60% of Jordanian students have never heard of 'Al-Aqsa'  A new survey offsets a basic Islamic belief: Most Jordanian students do not know about the 'Holy' mosque in Jerusalem. 

Why Iran really, truly doesn't want the bomb ... for now  Tehran can wreak much more havoc as a non-nuclear power, says proliferation expert Francois Heisbourg. 

Reform prayer section to erase last signs of Temple destruction  Archaeologist warns government compromise to expand non-Orthodox Kotel prayer section will destroy priceless Jewish heritage. 

One on One: Egypt's fragile alliance with the US as it faces terrorist threat  Middle East expert David Schenker discusses Egypt's challenges in facing the terrorist threat, the responsibility and concerns of the US and cooperation between Cairo and Jerusalem. 

Grand Mufti condemns new Jewish egalitarian prayer section at Western Wall  In a press statement he released on Monday, Hussien claimed that the prayer space adjacent to the Western Wall is 'the property of the Islamic waqf that was taken by the Israeli occupation in 1967." 

Poll Claims 25% of Israelis Fear a Second Holocaust  Israelis are worried for the future of world Jewry, a new poll has found, with a quarter of respondents believing another Holocaust could take place and almost a third agreeing that European Jews should move to Israel. 

More Than One Million March on Rome for 'Family Day' to Protest Gay Unions Bill  Caravans of coach buses carrying families from all over Italy streamed into Rome Saturday, meeting in the enormous Circus Maximus. 

Human Rights Watch criticizes Kerry for his role in Syria talks  The criticism sounded by the Human Rights Watch chief comes amid a wider attack by the Syrian opposition on Kerry, claiming that he accepted diktats from Russia and Iran regarding the Geneva talks. 

An Internet of Things that will number ten billions  By 2020, there will be 21 billion connected devices in a global Internet of Things: Gartner Group. 

Race for the White House begins today in Iowa  Iowa primaries open with Trump as the front runner for the Republicans and Clinton leading the Democratic field.