Friday, December 09, 2016


What challenges will the Israeli Air Force face in the coming years? New threats pose new challenges to Israel's qualitative military edge.

Aleppo battle: UN says hundreds of men missing Hundreds of men appear to have gone missing after crossing from rebel-held areas of Aleppo into government territory, UN officials say.

Watch What Iran Does, But Also Listen to What They Say President-Elect Trump will be tested by the Islamic state of Iran soon after taking office on January 20.

Golden Eagle squadron prepares to receive new F-35s 'It's a big celebration and we're excited,' says Golden Eagle Squadron Leader Lt. Col. Yotam.

Hezbollah denies it promised Russia no attacks on Israel Hezbollah is "almost certain" that the IAF was behind strikes on its forces from Lebanese airspace on Wednesday.

As EU treaty turns 25, Juncker warns against going it alone Brussels (AFP) - European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday warned countries not to go it alone in the wake of Brexit, as he marked the 25th anniversary of a summit that produced the Maastricht treaty.

UN says Israeli bill to legalize settler homes 'unequivocally illegal' Move will 'seriously damage Israel's reputation around the world,' warns UN's human rights commissioner.

Congress okays $600m. for Israel missile defense Defense Bill provisions include cooperation on research and development programs, procurement of Iron Dome, David's Sling, Arrow 3.

Russia flies Chechen commandos to Syria Moscow started to deploy Chechen special operations forces units to Syria this week, DEBKA file's military sources reveal.

Italy deports Muslim who was planning jihad bombing in the Vatican "The jihadist has been described by those who knew him as 'fanatical' and eager to 'die in God's name to win Paradise.'"