Thursday, February 18, 2021


Nasa Mars rover: Perseverance robot all set for big test The stakes could not be higher for the US space agency's Perseverance rover. 

Hezbollah Chief Threatens Israel with ‘Events Not Seen Since 1948’ Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah declared on Tuesday that if “war erupts, Israelis will see events they haven’t witnessed since 1948.”

Gantz: Ground in Lebanon will shake in future war with Israel “Facing that type of threat, the IDF is prepared to use whatever force necessary. Hezbollah would take a serious hit, and Lebanon would feel it.”

Iran: The Mullah's Pursuit of Obtaining Nuclear Weapons The IAEA at first did not take these reports of a secret Iranian atomic warehouse seriously. This should not be surprising: the IAEA has a long history of misreporting the Iranian regime's compliance with the deal and declining to follow up on credible reports about Iran's illicit nuclear activities.

EU has role in salvaging Iran deal, says Tehran UN envoy Hopes that the Iran nuclear deal could be revived were buoyed after the election of Joe Biden as US President, his predecessor Donald Trump having pulled out of the accord in 2018.

Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with Joe Biden after long delay “The two leaders noted their personal ties of many years and said they will work together," Netanyahu's office said.

Europe funds what could be most vicious smear against Israel yet In its research, NGO Monitor discovered that the groups are working together an an agenda whose goal is to besmirch Israel with false charges.

The Truth About Financial Aid to the Palestinian Authority A dramatic letter written by a former terrorist who is running for president of the Palestinian Authority reveals the extent to which the budgets funneled to the PA from Israel and the world fuel death and terror.

U.S., Iran Both Lean on Europe As Iraq Attack Sharpens Nuclear Deal Standoff President Joe Biden vowed to revitalize American alliances and put diplomacy back at the heart of U.S. foreign policy, repairing the damage he and his allies said was done to American global leadership under former President Donald Trump.

ICC tries to insert wedge between Israel and its allies Netanyahu had declared the ICC decision “pure antisemitism,” adding that he viewed the institution as being politicized in the strongest terms.

Russia to present new concept of national digital currency – Central Bank After discussing the launch of the digital ruble with local banks, the country’s financial watchdog says it will present a more detailed concept for the national digital currency by summer.