Thursday, July 11, 2013


* Saudi Arabia 'targeting Iran and Israel with ballistic missiles' Images analysed by experts at IHS Jane's Intelligence Review has revealed a hitherto undisclosed surface-to-surface missile base deep in the Saudi desert.

* Egypt Seeks to Send Thousands of Soldiers to Sinai Egypt is seeking permission to send thousands of soldiers to Sina.

* The rise of Hezbollah in Africa With the admission on Monday by three Lebanese men in Nigeria that they had been trained by Hezbollah and accumulated enough military hardware to wage a war, the entrenchment of the Shi'ite terrorist organization in Africa has fueled renewed interest.

* Egypt: Morsi loyalists vow to keep up 'peaceful' protest Supporters demanding Mr Morsi's reinstatement have been staging mass protests in Cairo near a barracks where he is believed to be held.

* Despite instability, US to equip Egypt with new F-16s The U.S. is moving ahead with plans to deliver four F-16s to Egypt.

* Speedy tsunami seen on Sun's surface These tsunami of heightened magnetic field and hot, ionised gas race across the Sun at about 400km per second.

* Egypt kills 32 Hamas fighters in Sinai campaign, daily reports The Egyptian army has killed some 200 gunmen in Sinai.

* Egypt: Christian Beheaded as Islamist Violence Escalates Amidst continuing unrest in Egypt, the country's Coptic Christian minority is facing an alarming campaign of violence at the hands of Islamist extremists.

* Netanyahu Filmed Scribing Torah at Masada's Ancient Synagogue Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the wind-swept Judean mountain top fortress of Masada, along the Dead Sea.

* Assad applauds fall of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Arab identity is back on the right track after the fall from power of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.