Saturday, June 02, 2012


* Iran threatens to target US bases if attacked Senior Iranian military commander warns that missiles could reach all parts of Israel, Press TV reports.

* Hizbullah Wants to Move Far-Reaching Scuds from Syria Hizbullah looking to move Scud D missiles, which can reach Eilat, and modern anti-aircraft equipment from Syria to Lebanon.

* Annan warns of 'all-out' sectarian war in Syria Qatar PM says int'l peace envoy should set time limit for his mission; Syrian rebels kill 14 soldiers in Deraa, Damascus.

* Mubarak jailed for protest deaths An Egyptian court has sentenced ex-President Hosni Mubarak to life in prison for complicity in the killing of protesters during last year's uprising.

* Diamond Jubilee: Queen starts celebrations at the Derby The Queen has watched the Derby at Epsom, having earlier driven on the race course to begin the first major event of the Diamond Jubilee weekend marking 60 years of her reign.

* "Human barcode" could make society more organized, but invades privacy, civil liberties Microchip implants have become standard practice for our pets, but have been a tougher sell when it comes to the idea of putting them in people.

* Ireland votes in favour of EU fiscal pact Voters in the Republic of Ireland have approved the EU fiscal pact, according to official results.

* Bilderberg 2012: bigger and badder and better than ever As the conference gets into full swing, Charlie Skelton meets the alternative media and their $700 cameras, as they remain convinced their mainstream brethren are missing the story.

* Iran building new space center to launch satellites Space program raises Western concerns because of possible military applications.

* Putin warns of worsening Syria conflict Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Friday of an "extremely dangerous" situation in Syria and emerging signs of a civil war but rejected a military intervention as he met with European leaders.