Tuesday, July 09, 2019


In first, U.S. sanctioning Hezbollah leaders who are Lebanese MPS The move to boost pressure on the group comes at a time of growing US concern about its role in the Lebanese government.

U.S. sanctions three Hezbollah leaders, including two members of Lebanon's Parliament The U.S. Treasury added three top Hezbollah figures to its list of sanctioned individuals on Tuesday, including two members of the Lebanese Parliament and a security official responsible for coordinating between Hezbollah and Lebanon’s security agencies.

Europeans take first step to punish Iran over nuclear pact breaches European powers took their first step on Tuesday towards punishing Iran for breaking its nuclear agreement, triggering the deal’s mechanism to resolve breaches.

Netanyahu warns Iran it is within range of Israeli air strikes, citing Iranian threats Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned Iran on Tuesday that it is within range of Israeli air strikes, citing what he described as Iranian threats to destroy Israel.

Netanyahu responds to Iran's threats: Israel's F-35 jets can reach you Israel was the first country to use the F-35 in a combat operation.

Florida headteacher removed from post for refusing to call Holocaust a fact The headteacher of a US school has been sacked after telling a parent he would remain neutral on whether or not the Holocaust happened.

Brexit: Labour to back Remain as it calls for a new EU referendum Jeremy Corbyn has challenged the next Tory leader to hold another referendum before taking Britain out of the EU, saying Labour will campaign for Remain.

Liberman: No peace with Palestinians unless 'conflict' resolved with Israeli-Arabs "The conflict is three-dimensional — with the Arab countries, with the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs".

Jews living under military control Yisrael Medad describes current relations with his Arab neighbors and also outlines his vision for a peaceful future.

Massive California earthquakes could be seen from space As fears of "the Big One" reemerge after two powerful earthquakes rocked Southern California last week, the damage that was done has left a lasting impression on the planet — one that can be seen from space.