Monday, October 30, 2017


Key Kurdish-held border crossing falls to Iranian control, cuts US army land supply line to Syria The Iraqi army and Shiite Hashd Shaabi Brigades militias under Iranian Revolutionary Guards command seized the strategically important northern Iraqi-Syrian border crossing of Faysh Khabur on Saturday, Oct. 28.

IDF blows up Gaza attack tunnel, killing 7 Palestinians and wounding 12 inside Most of the dead are Islamic Jihad members; terror group threatens to retaliate after deadliest incident since 2014 Gaza war; Israel deploys Iron Dome batteries in the area.

Kushner Visited Saudi Arabia Unannounced to Discuss Mideast Peace Jared Kushner is busy meeting officials as the White House reaffirms that peace between Israelis and Palestinians can only be negotiated directly.

Why Balfour's Biblical Background Matters England was the first and only empire to controlled the Holy Land while acknowledging the Jewish people's legitimate claim to their historic homeland.

China warns North Korean nuclear test site may collapse Future nuclear tests my cause mountain to collapse, spread nuclear waste throughout entire hemisphere.

Watch: Iranian Diplomat, Imam Call for Destruction of Israel "The countdown to the annihilation of the Zionist regime has begun."

Christian-Guarded Tomb of Jewish Prophet Nahum in Danger as War Reaches Nineveh The ancient tomb of the Jewish prophet Nahum, located in the Nineveh region of Iraq and guarded for decades by local Christians, is in serious danger of damage from local warfare, warned an Israeli MK recently.

Ex-Catalan leader in mystery Brussels trip The Catalan crisis took a bizarre twist on Monday (29 October), when the dismissed region's leader went to Brussels in what was described as an attempt to look for political asylum.

Rewriting history: Biblical eclipse sheds new light on pharaohs A mysterious event mentioned in the Bible was actually the oldest solar eclipse ever recorded, a new Cambridge study has found.

Turkey: Erdogan's Stalinist Purge Perhaps even more objectionable is Turkey's persecution of novelists who do not even take part in the political debate.