Saturday, March 03, 2012


* Today's King Of Israel? Tamar speaks with Yosef Dayan, an Israeli man who says he can prove he is from the lineage of King David.

* Abed Rabbo: Israel is building a settler state Israel is working toward establishing a state for Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem instead of a Palestinian state.

* Iran touts high turnout, Ahmadinejad faction losing Iran, under intense Western pressure over its disputed nuclear program, declared an initial turnout of 65 percent in a parliamentary election shunned by most reformists as a sham.

* Daylight: New film blasts Obama's Israel record One day before the AIPAC conference kicks off in Washington, an anti-Obama pro-Israel group is widening its criticism of President Barack Obama's record on Israel.

* Palestinians to give Israelis deadline on talks Palestinian officials said Saturday they plan to give a deadline to Israel to accept ground rules for negotiations.

* Putin poised to regain Kremlin; protests likely Vladimir Putin appears all but certain to return to the Kremlin in Sunday's Russian presidential election.

* Police Stand By As Israel Advocacy Event Silenced A pro-Israel advocacy group brought two Israelis to a Californian university; were met with hate as police stood by.

* Amid fresh violence in Syria, Turkey calls on Iran to cut support for Assad regime As the number of deaths in Syria continues to grow, the international community can't formulate a practical decision on military intervention.

* EU leaders told to practice what they preach on economy Top EU officials on Friday (2 March) urged national leaders to implement their fine talk on jobs and growth.

* Libya's Muslim Brother picked to lead new party Libyan Islamists and independents have formed a new political party and elected a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood.