Tuesday, March 05, 2013


* Top US commander: Iran sanctions not working Top US commander in the Middle East, General James Mattis, said the current sanctions and diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from gaining nuclear capabilities are not working.

* Russians Conduct Huge Nuke Drill Russian nuclear forces conducted a major exercise last month that tested the transport of both strategic and tactical nuclear weapons near Europe.

* Locust alert in Middle East as plague descends on Egypt and creates panic in Israel In a statement from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the infestation was described as a 'immature swarm'.

* British envoy calls for action against Jewish settlements Sir Vincent Fean, the UK consul general in the Arab-dominated section of the city, is among 27 European Union heads of mission to have signed a scathing report denouncing Israel's continued settlement activities.

* Israel warns UN of Syria war spilling over borders Israel warned the UN Security Council on Monday that it could not be expected to "stand idle" as Syria's civil war spills over its border.

* John Kerry Concedes Iran Is Moving Closer to Possessing Nuclear Weapon At the end of his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, John Kerry acknowledged that despite the continued diplomacy and tough sanctions being leveled against Iran, the regime continues to get closer to possessing a nuclear weapon.

* Future, pilot-free battlefield already in reach A soldier sits in an office chair in an air-conditioned metal chamber staring at two screens side by side.

* N. Korea vows to cancel Korean War cease-fire North Korea threatened on Tuesday to scrap an armistice that ended the 1950-53 civil war and sever a military "hotline" with the United States.

* Parliament chief criticises 'Frankenstein Europe' The EU's current institutional set-up resembles a 'Frankenstein' monster.

* US aims to aid Israel defense systems despite cuts New US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel met with his Israeli counterpart on Tuesday.