Wednesday, June 23, 2021


 Palestinian high school graduates vow to redeem Al Aqsa ‘in spirit and blood’ A graduation ceremony at an eastern Jerusalem high school turned into incitement as Palestinian students and staff chanted anti-Israel slogans and waved Palestinian flags on Tuesday.

Gaza terrorist groups call on Palestinians to ‘prepare for escalation’ Israel is trying to create a “new equation” linking Gaza's reconstruction and economic recovery to prisoner exchange, the groups say. Experts warn the risk of a new round of violence is high.

British destroyer violates Russia's border in Black Sea, Russian ship & fighter jet respond with warning shots – Defense Ministry A Russian patrol ship and fighter jet have fired warning shots after the British destroyer HMS Defender violated the country’s border in the Black Sea.

Russian jets and ships target British warship More than 20 Russian aircraft and two coastguard ships have shadowed a British warship sailing near Crimea.

Iran's Massive Ground Forces Would Make Any Invasion Difficult The country's sheer size, both in geography and population, is a deterrent to invasion.

Vatican Challenges Bible: Promotes Evolution, That Man Evolved From Apes Last month, the Vatican Observatory Research Group (VRG) launched a new project, a website to present their theories, with the expressed mission of showing the world that “the Church and science can coexist.”

World powers meet in Berlin to discuss Libya crisis World powers are meeting in Berlin on Wednesday to seek lasting peace in Libya by ensuring the conflict-racked North African country stays firmly on the path toward general elections on 24 December.

Second Cold War? Merkel Successor Says Germany Should Not Try to Contain Communist China The leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the likely successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany should refrain from trying to contain the rise of Communist China for fear of sparking a second Cold War.

Lift-off for European Union's new space programme The new EU space programme has been officially launched. It'll cover the period to 2027 and will see the bloc's 27 member states deepen investments in satellite-navigation, Earth observation, space situational awareness and secure communications, among other activities.

Be Afraid: U.N. Report Warns Post-Coronavirus World Could Feature Massive Heatwaves Capable of Killing Millions Be afraid. Once the coronavirus pandemic is done and dealt with, a draft United Nations report warned Wednesday searing, unrelenting heat could lay waste to large swathes of the planet, killing millions who have no means to escape a massive climate change event.