Friday, March 12, 2021


 Growing Number of Saudis Declare Jerusalem Israel's Capital, 3rd Temple Construction The Trump initiated Abraham Accords is still enjoying ripple effects to this day.

Netanyahu’s UAE trip upended over rift between the Jordanian and UAE royals Jordan’s pretext for blocking PM Binyamin Netanyahu’s flight to the UAE on Thursday, March 10 – for important talks with the UAE ruler, Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan – was a spat over Jordanian Crown Prince’s visit to Temple Mount the day before.

Israel, Greece, Cyprus hold naval drill amid deepening ties Exercises are sign of increased cooperation among countries that increasingly view Turkey as a rival in the Mediterranean.

ICC prosecutor gave PA advance notice but asked to “keep secret” her ‎decision to open an investigation The response of the Palestinian Authority to the decision of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) again exposed the level of collusion between the two.

10 things to know about Israel's jittery peace with Jordan A list of Israeli-Jordanian crisis points, most of which center on the Temple Mount.

Palestinians: Why Terrorists Support Mass Murderers For Hamas and Islamic Jihad, what matters is the money and weapons coming from Iran. They see Soleimani as a hero because of his role in providing the Gaza-based terror groups with cash and weapons in order to continue their jihad (holy war) against Israel and Jews.

Khamenei stands defiant on Iran’s regional military presence In a speech replete with diatribes against the United States, Iran’s supreme leader defended his country’s controversial regional policies and accused Washington of “inverting the truth.”

China, Iran, North Korea seek support at U.N. to push back against unilateral force, sanctions China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and others are seeking support for a coalition to defend the United Nations Charter by pushing back against the use or threat of force and unilateral sanctions, according to a letter seen by Reuters on Thursday.

The Netherlands: The EU’s “New Britain”? Amsterdam would like to claim the role once played by London within the EU, but there are challenges in its path—and not all parties see it as a suitable candidate in the first place.

Russia could be winner in WWIII ‘nightmare scenario’ by capturing northern Europe & blocking NATO counterattack – Swedish experts An all-out war in northern Europe could see Russian troops cut off the Baltic nations, delaying NATO forces from coming to their aid and securing a hold on the region, a new analysis by Sweden’s Defense Research Agency claims.